How to Pick a Weighted Blanket?

how to pick a weighted blanket

In November, when it’s getting colder, you would need more comfort and coziness. If you live in a southern state, such as Texas or California, the weather is still comfortable. Rainfall is moderate. Outdoor temperature cools down only by Christmas. In northern states, New York or Illinois, nights are pretty chilly already. So, how to pick a weighted blanket? A sleep accessory keeps you warm and comfortable during cool or cold winter months. Let me highlight its benefits, pros, and cons? What size, type, weight, and materials would suit you best? It’ll try to help you make an informed choice easily.

See Now the Best-Weighted Blanket for Adults and Children in 2019!

#1. YnM Weighted Blanket
  • Material - Premium Cotton
  • Size - Multiple choices
  • Color - 22 options
  • Filling - Glass Beads
  • Weights - Multiple alternatives
  • Machine washable - No, use with cover
Editor’s Choice
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#2. SAFR Home Therapy
  • Material - 100% Cotton
  • Size - 6 choices
  • Color - Navy/Grey
  • Filling - Glass Beads
  • Weights - 15/20/25 lbs
  • Machine washable - Removable covers
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#3. YEMYHOM Heavy Blankets
  • Material - 100% Cotton
  • Size - 6 choices
  • Color - White/Stone/Blue
  • Filling - Glass Beads
  • Weights - 12/15/17/20 lbs
  • Machine washable - Removable covers
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#4. ZonLi Adult & Kids
  • Material - 100% Bamboo Viscose
  • Size - Multiple alternatives
  • Color - 18 selections
  • Filling - Glass Beads
  • Weights - 5/7/12/15/20/25/30 lbs
  • Machine washable - Duvet Cover
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#5. BUZIO Sherpa Fleece
  • Material - Sherpa and Flannel
  • Size - 4 sizes
  • Color - Grey/Light Tan/Navy Blue
  • Filling - Non-toxic Beads
  • Weights - 12/15/20 lbs
  • Machine washable - Removable covers
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#6. Royal Therapy
  • Material - 100% Cotton
  • Size - 8 choices
  • Color - 12 choices
  • Filling - Glass Beads
  • Weights - 5/7/10/15/20/25 lbs
  • Machine washable - Yes
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What is a Weighted Blanket?

In November, many people suffer from autumn depression. Stress and anxiety might increase. It might be caused by several factors, such as stressful circumstances and events, conflicts, cold and rainy weather.

Therefore, best blankets for winter were invented. It happened in 1998. An American (California-native) entrepreneur, Keith Zivalich found out that weight put on your shoulder calms you down. A stuffed toy is felt like it hugs you, making you feel cool and relaxed.

So, what does the bedding accessory look like? It’s a throw-sized blanket filled with composite or organic weighted materials (poly pellets, discs, ceramic or glass beads). It might sound strange, but feeling of moderate physical pressure commonly causes a calming effect.

weighted blanket throw is commonly:

  1. Individually-sized.
  2. Made of soft materials like cotton.
  3. Used with your comforter.
  4. An accessory that has extra weight.

weighted blanket with cover felted as it hugs you. It grants you a cool sensation that you are not alone. Meanwhile, its weight is to correspond to your age and body type. Additionally, it is evenly distributed, creating a pleasant feeling of an embrace.

Here can see still more information about best blankets for winter!

How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket Be?

A blanket is selected intentionally for the person who is going to use it. It is to correspond to your needs, age and sleep habits. The accessory should not be too heavy. It shouldn’t exceed 25-30 pounds, even if you are an adult, heavy and tall, athletic-built person.

If you feel trapped, finding it hard to roll over or move under the blanket, you would need a lighter accessory. On the other side, you might remember the difference between throw and blanket. The latter accessory is necessary not for decorative purposes, but practical daily use.

Weighted (gravity) blanket is to be a bit heavier than a common one. A lightweight accessory wouldn’t benefit or calm you.

difference between throw and blanket

What is the Best Weight for Weighted Blanket?

User’s Age, yearsBody Weight, lbs.Blanket Weight, lbs.

That is, recommended weight for weighted blanket is 10 % of your body weight. The rule applies to adult users and their ideal body shape. These weighted blanket guidelines were initially specified by Laura LeMond, owner of Mosaic Blankets. Fill Fish, one of the Tuck co-founders, agrees with her opinion.

Are Weighted Blankets Safe?

Buying a calming sleeping accessory for your kid, take 10% of your child’s weight, add a pound or two. Meanwhile, babies and toddlers should not sleep under weighted blankets.

Do weighted blankets work? If you are an adult person of a child, older than 3, weighted blankets benefit you. Which way? These perfect bedding accessories are known to:

  • reduce stress;
  • let you relax;
  • improve sleep;
  • relieve anxiety and discomfort.

Knitted weighted blankets for toddlers recommended to pre-school and school able children that suffer from sensory issues. Being a great addition, it helps you fall asleep and rest naturally.

Due to the calming effect, chemicals, including serotonin and melatonin, are released. Their action helps you to relax the body, feeling secure and happy.

What is the Softest Bedding Material?

This question is not hardball. Top-quality comforters and blankets beneficially are made from natural fibers. Consequently, these bedding accessories are breathable, providing lightweight warmth. Meanwhile, what is the softest comforter material? Additionally, best cotton blanketis manufactured using organic fibers. It lets you avoid allergy and skin irritation.

Weighted blankets also complement to give the user extra softness. An extra layer of fabric might be available. Hidden inside of a washable weighted blanket, it’s commonly not natural, including polyester fibers. Quite naturally, gravity blankets include fillers designed to increase weights. It might be:what is the softest blanket material

  1. BPA-free plastic pellets.
  2. Hypoallergenic tiny discs.
  3. Glass micro-beads.

These objects are very small. They are distributed across the surface evenly. Don’t they clump to one side? These tiny objects are into a grid of internal pockets sewed (square sections). Therefore, gravity blankets provide gentle pressure on your whole body, enabling relaxation of your nervous system.

Here can see more info about best cotton blanket!

How to Choose the Right Weighted Blanket?

Selecting a suitable product that meets your needs might be an intricate task. Please, don’t forget to read its complete description and true customers’ reviews. Pay attention to the blankets’ basic characteristics, such as:

  • weight;
  • size;
  • filler type;
  • cover material composition;
  • price.

Top-quality accessories cost up to $100-200. Why are weighted blankets so expensive? They are very popular now. Additionally, these blankets are efficient, soft, and comfortable. Meanwhile, try to select a durable, long-lasting item, made of top-quality materials.

What is weighted blanket right for me?

This accessory is sized to fit one person. If you like these products, you would need to purchase a separate blanket for every family member. Meanwhile, consider your height. A weighted blanket shouldn’t be too narrow, but a bit larger than you.

Glass or ceramic micro-beads are to mentioned among the best filler options. Their texture is similar to the sand, but these tiny objects are less bulky. Beads are easy to wash and dry. So, weighted blankets filled with them are machine-washable. Coldwater and gentle cycles are all you need.

The blankets commonly come with detachable covers. It’s easier and faster to wash it than a whole blanket. Additionally, in summer, you may remove it to feel cooler. Commercial laundry might highly recommend for the blankets that weight 30 pounds or more. It lets you avoid excessive tear and wear of a household washing machine.

General Impression

Do you know now, how to choose a weighted blanket for adults? This task is challenging, difficult, but it’s quite realistic. Just calculate the weight, consider your body type and height to select the size.

For children, it’s a bit more complicated. It’s applicable only when the kid is able to lift the blanket and get out of it without your assistance. Additionally, if he or she grows, going to use a blanket only for a year or two, consider purchasing a budget option. Nevertheless, if you like these bedding accessories, select a suitable item, and enjoy comfort during long and cold winter nights.

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