can a duvet cover be used on a comforterFor someone who is not particularly savvy about bed decoration, the difference between various types of bed covers might seem quite vague. Coverlets, duvets, comforters, quilts, and blankets all serve the same purpose. Nevertheless, they are different in one way or another.
When putting together a bedding ensemble many people wonder how to do it right.
In this article we are going to address one of the most common questions of homeowners: can a duvet cover be used on a comforter?

The Difference Between Duvets and Comforters

To answer this question properly, we should once again review the terminology. What we generally call a duvet consists of two parts: a duvet cover and a duvet insert. A duvet insert is basically a flat textile bag filled with insulating material. To protect it from dirt and wear we put it inside a cover. Duvets are not meant to be used without covers and that is the main difference between them and comforters. The latter are designed as independent bedding items. Comforters usually feature some kind of design or pattern, they are stitched through to keep the batting in place and are easier to wash than duvets. The market is abundant with colorful comforter sets, which can spruce up a bedroom in an instant (for instance, a Paris comforter set – Click Here).

To sum up: duvets are meant to be used with covers only, while with comforters covers are optional.

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So Does a Duvet Cover go Over a Comforter?

Since there are no covers designed particularly for comforters, some people use duvet covers for the purpose. That helps protect the comforter and minimizes the number of washes it has to go through in a lifetime. Putting a comforter in a cover is surely a good idea for pet owners and families with kids. A guest bed is another place where using a comforter cover is more than reasonable. In such a way you will not have to wash the comforter after each guest and your bed will look neat and stylish while vacant.

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What Kind of Comforter Goes in a Duvet?

duvet vs comforter vs quilt

Although using a comforter with a cover is quite a common practice, not all products are compatible with each other. To pair up with a duvet cover a comforter should meet the following criteria:

  1. Neutral design or no design at all

Ideally, the comforter should be plain white, or at least some very pale color (a yellow, pale blue or blush comforter set will work). Otherwise, a design might show through the cover and that will not look good. Colorful comforters look great, but you might have troubles finding a cover that would match. So if you have, let’s say, a purple comforter set, you should use a duvet cover of the same hue or darker to avoid an undesirable overlap of colors. I highly recommend to see examples here!

  1. Corner tabs

Duvet covers always have tabs or loops on corners and sometimes even on the sides to secure a cover. Some comforters also come with tabs, but the majority do not. Of course, you can use a duvet cover even though your comforter does not have anything to attach it to, but that is not very convenient. No matter how well a comforter fits inside a cover, it will shift and require constant readjusting. So if your comforter does not have loops, you might want to sew them on, at least on corners.

  1. The right size

It might seem that all comforters, duvets, and covers are standardized, but that is not entirely true. In reality, the actual dimensions can differ from product to product, even though the labels read the same sizes. In other words, a queen comforter from one manufacturer is not necessarily the same size as a queen duvet from another one. Therefore, if you want to put a duvet cover over an old comforter, you should measure your item and then check the actual dimensions of a product you intend to buy. Should a duvet insert be larger than a cover? Definitely no. If the insert is significantly larger than a cover, it will get crumpled, and cause discomfort to a person sleeping under it.

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Conclusions and Recommendations

Even though comforters were initially designed as independent bedding elements, you can absolutely use them with duvet covers if needed. In fact, such a practice can be beneficial in some ways. It can save you the trouble of washing a comforter and help prolong its lifetime. Whether you are using a duvet or a comforter cover, there are several important things you need to consider. If you follow the three simple rules outlined above, you will be able to compile a perfect bedding ensemble.