The 4 Best Soft Blankets, Cozy, Warm and Top-Quality

best soft blankets reviewsSelecting the bedroom accessories and comforters that ensure healthy sleep, don’t forget about the better quality blankets. They are to be beautiful and warm, suitable in winter, and of course, comfortable. Actually, humans like sleeping underneath the best soft blankets or comforters to keep warm at night to avoid cooling down, especially in northern climate.

Additionally, a fleece blanket grants the feeling of security, protection from external threats, decreasing stress and anxiety due to its weight and slight pressure to the body. Thus, we just have to pick out the best blankets for bed. They should be top-quality, pleasant to touch, suitable by the size, elegant, warm, and, of course, machine washable, to enable easy care.

Which One Top Soft Blankets in 2019

Blanket BrandMaterialDesignWeight, ounces 
PinzonMicro plushVelvet, solid color4.3 Check Price
(Editor’s Choice)
microfiberprint6.77 Check Price
Bedsuremicrofiber plushsolid4.41 Check Price
Cozy Fleecefleecedouble stitched2.73 Check Price

1. Pinzon Velvet Plush – Superb Plush Throw Blanket

best plush blankets reviewsLooking for the best blanket in the world, turn your attention to this ultra-soft, elegant item. It ensures pleasant cozy warms, great during cold fall and winter months. It is pleasant to touch and looking really good. Due to elegant design, it looks rich, adding the perfect design touch to the bedroom. It can be used as a decorative blanket for your sofa, bed or coach. It comes in solid, rich, 8 colors, such as navy, teal, aubergine, sand, etc.

Meanwhile, the blanket is hard-wearing and easy to care, machine washable. Nowadays, polyester can be called better soft yarn for baby blankets as it’s warm and durable, wash safe and it dries quickly. You can sit on it, as the soft blankets are resistant to wrinkles. Additionally, the ultrafine, microfiber textile is as delicate and soft as silk. Quite naturally, it’s not as breathable as natural fabrics, but it’s not the key feature of the soft blankets. However, avoid high temperatures by cleaning it to avoid shedding.

Overall Verdict

Coming in standard sizes such as king, queen, throw, twin, the bedroom accessories are perfectly lightweight that makes them easy to store and suitable for traveling. Thus, I highlight the product among the top softest blankets that are comfortable and elegant, recommending it as the top soft plush blanket for interior use.

  • rich velvet look;
  • warm;
  • ultra-soft;
  • large;
  • cozy;
  • simple and hard-wearing;
  • solid, rich colors;
  • lightweight, of medium thickness;
  • machine washable;
  • strong and resistant to dog and other pet scratches.
  • not too breathable.

2. Chanasya Faux Fur Throw Blanket – Most Extra Heavy Fleece Blanket

extra heavy fleece blanket reviewsConsidering soft blankets to purchase, don’t reject fuzzy and heavy ones. The faux fur blanket is among the most beautiful and luxurious products. Thanks to innovative technologies, it’s machine washable and easy to care. Quite naturally, the temperature has to be low, gentle cycle is recommended, and the soft blanket perfectly holds several washes, drying fast. It’s less prone to shedding than the other products, for example, the previously reviewed one. The extra thick fleece blanket is sturdy and strong.

The fabric is 100% polyester, therefore, it’s durable, high density and still lightweight for the thickness. Additionally, the blanket is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, matching even the kids’ beds perfectly and safely. It’s not an animal product by nature, the fabric is synthetic, but it’s very pleasant-to-touch. Plush is a wavy fabric that is thicker and warmer than fleece. So, I think, it’s the softest throw blanket in the world that is very warm and cozy. Meanwhile, the faux fur looks beautiful and attractive. It will decorate your living space or bedroom perfectly, adding a rich touch to your décor. The blanket can be used to cover a sofa or a couch or to be draped over a chair, granting elegance to luxurious room designs.

Common Representation

With 13 various colors and amazing prints, it’s perfectly fuzzy, warm and cozy. Small and medium sizes are available in addition to the king, queen and twin ones. However, the soft blanket is not anti-static. It attracts pet hair and dust, and therefore, it’s not recommended for pet owners. Additionally, a pet or dog may damage or scratch the blanket by claws. But, if you don’t have a large and playful pet, the item may be the best of all soft blankets available on the market, in terms of design, luxury, and style.

  • thick;
  • elegant and rich-looking;
  • fluffy fabric;
  • sturdy;
  • hypoallergenic
  • non-toxic and safe;
  • many beautiful colors available;
  • small and medium sizes are offered;
  • machine washable.
  • not anti-static;
  • not resistant to pet scratches.

3. Bedsure Flannel Luxury Throw – The Excellent Microfleece Blanket

best microfleece blanket reviewsThe soft blanket seems to be very similar to the first product reviewed herewith. It comes in the same, solid navy color, being nearly of the same weight and, therefore, thickness. It’s as durable, warm, beautiful and lightweight as Pinzon velvet plush item.

It is made of 100% microfiber polyester fabric that is machine washable and terrific by its characteristics. It is warm, good for all seasons. The microfiber is high density, the yarn count is 120D/192F that means it’s super fine, strong, but extremely silky and gentle. Meanwhile, the fleece blanket is shrink and fade resistant, top-quality and long-lasting. Furthermore, it is covered by 5-year manufacturer warranty that proves the soft blankets’ durability and the best properties.

Additionally, it is declared as anti-static, anti-pill and breathable. From my own experience, I can prove that it’s not prone to shedding, the stitches are neat and professionally sewed, the fabric is hypoallergenic. I recommend it to pet owners, as the soft blanket is scratch-resistant and it doesn’t attract cats’ and dogs’ hair.

Meanwhile, only the lowest water temperature and delicate cycle are recommended for machine washing. Don’t bleach the fabric and dry it only on low heat (the fleece blanket dries very fast, so, it won’t keep you waiting).

General Representation

Thus, I recommend the product as the world’s best cozy soft microfleece travel blanket. It is versatile, suitable for home décor and outdoor use. Standing multiple gentle machine wash and dry cycles, it is perfectly good for picnics and various trips. Quite naturally, the soft blanket is congenial to cover a bed or sofa, decorate a room or just keep you warm and comfortable during long, cold nights.

  • super soft;
  • lightweight;
  • durable;
  • fade and shrink resistant;
  • anti-static;
  • 5-year warranty;
  • breathable;
  • anti-pill;
  • machine-washable;
  • warm and soothing;
  • not prone to shed;
  • pets-friendly;
  • multiple rich, solid colors available.
  • still may fade or shed when washed by hot water or dried on high temperatures.

4. Cozy Fleece Hotel Item – Effective Lightweight Fleece Blanket

best softest blanket reviewsFleece soft blankets are not smaller by size, but thinner than micro plush ones. Thus, this product is only 0.2-inch thick, weighing only about 2.5 pounds, being unpacked. Therefore, it’s recommended for traveling applications and outdoor use rather than indoor, decorative or warming purposes.

The blanket is still very soft and durable. It stands multiple machine wash and dry cycles, but, of course, in cold water and on delicate cycles only. The fleece blanket has improved, anti-pill properties on both sides. I used perm press and it’s ok. The soft blankets have not shed or faded, and the color remained the same bright and beautiful as before the washing. Therefore, I recommend the product as the best soft throw blanket: durable, easy to care and hard wearing.

Meanwhile, the fleece blanket is really warm and cozy. It is suitable for cold winter nights, and, in southern states, like California or Florida, it can be used even without a comforter. It’s also good in summer, for example, after a shower. The soft blanket is top-quality, double stitched, being really long-lasting and neat. The standard sizes and 5 solid, beautiful, pastel and bright colors are available. They include ivory, navy, denim, tan and silver.

Common Impression

Thus, I recommend the product as the best throw blanket ever in terms of usability; it is machine washable and easy to dry, durable and not prone to shedding. I commonly wash and dry it about once a week, and it still looks great. Thus, it is recommended for longtime commercial use, like in hotels. Sometimes, it can match even kitchen design, etc.

  • lightweight;
  • top-quality;
  • double-stitched;
  • safe to wash;
  • doesn’t prone to fading or shedding;
  • hard wearing;
  • suited to travel purposes and commercial use;
  • anti-pill;
  • warm, pretty good at winter nights.
  • not as warm and fluffy as plush soft blankets.

Top Soft Blankets: Conclusion

Selecting the good mild blankets to pick out, we consider various properties such as thickness, warmth, durability and versatility.

  1. Plush bedroom accessories are preferable for interior use, they are perfect to decorate the rooms, cover sofas and couches, comfort you in winter or at nights.
  2. A fleece blanket is more lightweight, thin and hard wearing. It is recommended to be used outdoor, such as during picnics or traveling. Durability, warranty, and anti-pill properties also matter.
  3. Meanwhile, all polyester fabrics, even fluffy and warm ones, are heat-sensitive.

Therefore, if you wonder how to keep fleece blankets soft, always follow the washing and drying instructions. Even the items that are machine washable, should not be put in the drier. They stand only cold water and the lowest possible heat. When your fleece blanket is not new and a bit stiff already, add some fabric softener or liquid conditioner. White vinegar is also recommended being added into wash water, but, please, be careful with it, measure out the dose accurately, don’t overuse.

Thus, select any of 4 soft blankets I recommend herewith as they are warm, comfortable and beautiful, and sleep well!

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