Pros and Cons of Silk Sheets

pros and cons of silk sheets

Summer is beginning now. Here, in Texas, we’ll face heatwaves in several weeks. Which bedding accessories to choose for summer? Let’s discuss pros and cons of silk sheets. You’ll need natural, breathable fabric to sleep on. Will silk keep you cool at night? You should feel comfortable to get sound, quality sleep. Before shopping for suitable silk sheets, understand their basics. Keep reading the article. It lets you learn more about their nature, types, and maintenance routine.

Advantages of Silk Sheets

Now it’s still cloudy. Chance of a shower remains high this week in Texas. Florida, Arkansas, and New York suffer from thunderstorms in May. When it’s raining, you sleep better. It helps you relax and fall asleep naturally. Cool temperature and white noise promote it.

But what about summer? Heat and humidity will be very high in June and August. In Arizona and Nevada, temperatures hit 109 degrees already. You’ll have to pay more attention to your bedroom environment. Best sheets for night sweats are essential. Feel of breathable bedding is important, as well as dim light, peaceful colors, and fresh air.

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Silk is a premium fabric. It’s beneficially:

  • luxurious;
  • fine;
  • breathable;
  • soft;
  • hypoallergenic.

Do you know that silk is a kind of livestock product? Vegans and vegetarians might prefer to avoid using it. Silkworms produce thin, but strong and elastic threads. They secrete liquid protein by their glands and wrap themselves into cocoons. Hardening, the cocoons turn into solid fibers. People domesticated silkworms around the 35th century BCE. It happened in Northern China, in the native silkworms’ habitat.

Ancient people used this lustrous fabric in their clothes, shoes, ropes, and paper. Nowadays, we use this for making bed sheets. But don’t stop there! It well ensures classy look of bridal dresses, blouses, skirts, and tunics. Silk drapes and tablecloths add luxury, warmth, and style to our dining rooms.

Most Luxury Silk Bed Sheets in the World

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Satin vs Silk Sheets

Natural silk is a luxurious fabric. It’s soft and lightweight, but pretty durable: silk is stronger and more comfortable than synthetics fabrics. Meanwhile, satin is a type of weave. It’s commonly a blend of various fabrics, including cotton, nylon and polyester.

Both silk and satin fabrics are soft and smooth. How to select your best summer sheets? A quick comparison should clear up your doubts.

Type of Fibers natural man-made
Temperature Regulation perfect decent
Cost expensive more affordable
Finish shimmering glossy and dull sides
Strength durable delicate
Properties hypoallergenic possible irritation
Momme Weight, mm 12-198-10
Thread Count 400 and above200-300

Commonly, silk is a thin, lightweight fabric. Its lightest types like chiffon or organza look airy and sheer. Tailors use them to sew breathable, stylish blouses and scarves. Momme weight of these materials ranges from 4 to 6 mm. It means that 100 yards of organza that is 45 inches wide weigh only 4-6 pounds.

Your bedding is to be durable. High thread count silk sheets are preferable. Fine, thin fibers are strong. But they are more likely to tear than thicker and denser, tightly woven yarns. Momme weight of 12-19 mm, and thread count of 400-600/sq. in. is good. The silk sheets last longer. They are smooth and top-quality.

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What Is the Best Sheet Material for Skin?

Silk is a pretty expensive fabric. Its yarns contain 70-80% of fibroin. The insoluble protein is transparent and biocompatible. Thus, silk fabric feels and smells like human hair. If you burn a thread, it self-extinguishes immediately. Only black, crispy ash remains and turns to powder.

are silk sheets worth it
The disadvantages of silk sheets are well-known. They are not as slippery as polyester or microfiber. But they might slip off your bed if you are a restless sleeper. These sheets might require careful washing. Luxurious fabric stains easily. It doesn’t wrinkle, but it may fade in direct sunlight.

Meanwhile, genuine, organic silk sheets are:

  • breathable;
  • moisture-wicking;
  • temperature-regulating;
  • resistant to dust mites;
  • antibacterial;
  • fungi-immune.

Quite naturally, silk cotton blend sheets are perfect. They are not as smooth as silk ones. But these bedding accessories are lightweight, soft and moisture-absorbent. Genuine silk is more comfortable and breathable than cotton.

In summer, it stays cool. Virtually like human hair, silk adjusts to temperature changes. It provides great thermal insulation. Additionally, silk is beneficially smooth, protecting your skin from wrinkling. It prevents hair tangling, freezing and split ends issues.

Types of Silk Sheets and Their Alternatives

It might be not easy to select suitable silk sheets. Several weaves and types exist. First of all, these bedding accessories differ by origin. In India, farmers cultivate silkworms in southern and north-eastern states. So, they produce popular forms of silk, such as:

  1. Mulberry.
  2. Muga.
  3. Tasar.
  4. Eri.

Best mulberry silk sheets are stronger and more durable than other bedding accessories. Larvae of Mulberry silkworms grow in captivity. They harvest only carotenoid-rich mulberry leaves. The silkworms lay eggs in aluminum boxes. Their environment is safe and free from diseases. Therefore, they spin uniform, light, round and smooth threads.

Other insect species feed on different plants. Tasar worms consume oak-tree and fig leaves. Eri caterpillars get castor leaves. Muga insects are semi-domesticated. They prefer aromatic leaves of soalu and som plants. The silkworms produce golden yellow silk threads.

Manufacturers promote silk under various names. Egyptian silk bed sheets might define a blend of Egyptian cotton and silk. Charmeuse and Crepe de Chine fabrics stand out by specific weave. They can contain silk of any type and other yarns. Synthetic silk is fake.

Silk Sheets Maintenance

silk sheets maintenance processSilk fabrics are strong and durable. But they contain about 20% of sericin. It’s a glue-like layer that fastens silkworm cocoons. Therefore, silk is the best bed sheet material. But the fabric is still pretty delicate. To prolong the life of your luxurious sheets:

  • wash them by hand;
  • prefer lukewarm water;
  • use mild detergents;
  • treat the stains at once;
  • avoid pre-soaking;
  • hang the sheets to dry in a shaded area.

Avoid direct sunlight, to prevent fabric fading. Pre-soaking in water can damage silk fibers. Machine wash is possible if the manufacturers recommend it. Select a gentle or delicate cycle. Dry the sheets without heat. Thus, they stay fresh and colorful for years.


Have you got a message about a pure silk bedding sets clearance sale? Consider the offer! Silk sheets are comfortable, luxurious, sexy. They let you feel cool in summer, even during the August heat waves. These bedding accessories are soft and hypoallergenic. They don’t damage your sensitive skin and hair. Pure silk sheets are perfect. The only drawback is their high price. So, make a good investment and sleep soundly at night. If the summer is hot, it could be not easy, but essential.



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