what is the softest comforter materialThere is nothing like a comforting sensation of muffling yourself up in a fresh, soft blanket and preparing for a peaceful sleep. But none of that can happen without a nice, soft, fluffy comforter. The abundance of options makes it hard to find the exact product that would be perfectly suitable for your needs. So what is the softest comforter material? Let’s dig into the subject and try to find the softest comforter material. 

What is the best material for comforters?

When speaking about comforter materials, we should consider the fabric the shell is made of and the batting material. Softness depends on both components, so we should be looking for an ideal combination.

The indisputable leader among fill materials is feather down. This fill material is lightweight, fluffy and boasts an outstanding insulating capacity. 100% down comforters are very expensive and rather hard to find. Most comforters contain a certain amount of feathers. The greater the percentage of feathers in the filling, the heavier and less warm the comforter would be. Besides, feathers tend to find their way out through the fabric of the comforter. Denser fabric can help avoid this problem, but that would affect softness in a negative way. So in a search for a soft comforter, you should consider the down-feather ratio in the batting.

What is a down comforter made of?

A typical down comforter consists of goose (sometimes duck) down fill and a cotton shell. Such comforters are incredibly soft, breathable and puffy. If the best lightweight comforter is what you are looking for, a natural down comforter with a cotton shell should be your first option to consider.

what is down alternative comforter made of

Down alternative materials

Alongside all its great properties natural down has some drawbacks. One of them – its high price – has already been mentioned. Another downside is that foul down is not good for people with allergies. So is there a chance to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful material without facing the risk of getting a severe allergic reaction? In fact, there is. There are several kinds of down alternative materials, which are just as soft and fluffy, but completely allergy-friendly. Of course, not all of them share the same properties. Cheap polyester filling material bears no comparison with goose down. However, there are high quality materials, such as gel fiber, which can be almost identical to natural bird down.

What fabric is the softest?

Once you have found the softest fill, it is time to think about the shell material. Cotton and microfiber are the most popular choices. Although, you can come across other fabrics, such as silk or bamboo. So which material should one choose to get the softest comforter ever? Let’s figure that out.

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  • Cotton comforters can be very soft – that depends on the type of cotton fiber and thread count. A logical question would be ‘what is a good thread count for a comforter?’ Basically, anything woven closely enough to prevent the batting from coming out and delicate enough to provide a desirable softness. Generally speaking, the optimal thread count is somewhere between 400 and 600.
  • Microfiber is considered the softest comforter material. In fact, lightweight down alternative batting combined with high quality microfiber can produce an exceptionally soft comforter. The only issue of microfiber comforters is that they are not breathable. In case you are looking for the best comforter for summer, this would not be the right choice.

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  • Bamboo is a less popular and somewhat underappreciated comforter material. The fabric made of bamboo fiber can be really delicate and pliable. Besides, it is incredibly light and soothing, which makes it perfect for people who have troubles falling asleep at night. Breathability and antibacterial properties make bamboo a perfect material for a quality comforter for hot sleepers.
  • Silk can add a luxurious vibe to your bedding. It is very smooth and pleasant to the touch, but can scarcely be referred to as soft. Even though silk has an instantaneous cooling effect, it can make you really hot at night, because it does not let the air pass through.
  • Polyester is probably the poorest choice among all other comforter materials. It is scratchy and unpleasant to the touch. Perhaps, the only advantage of polyester comforters is low price.

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what is most comfortable bedding material

Conclusion and Recommendations

So what is the most comfortable comforter material? Having analyzed different types of materials we can make a verdict.

  1. The number one option is goose down fill combined with a shell made of medium thread count cotton.
  2. Another decent option is microfiber
  3. And technological down alternative batting.

The ultimate choice depends on your lifestyle, budget, and individual preferences. But if softness is your top priority, then you can use this review as a guide in your decision-making process.