What are Shams in a Comforter Set

Selecting a beautiful and pleasant to touch comforter set, you would definitely pay a lot of your attention to the pillowcases or shams. Thus, let’s check what are shams in a comforter set: their basic types, dimensions, and materials.

what are shams in a comforter set

What is Included in Comforter Set?

The comforter is a kind of durable and well-insulated bedding that ensures warmth during the cold season and perfect, decorative or stylish bedroom look. It’s commonly used as a duvet or quilt, being laid on the bed over the sheets. These perfect bedding accessories are commonly made of several layers of top-quality, thick and durable fabric like cotton, satin or silk. They are thick, easily washable at home, reversible and large-size.

Varied insulative materials are definitely included for warmth. It may be:

  • Wool.
  • Down.
  • Cotton batting.
  • Fur or feathers.

Meanwhile, if you wonder, “Do comforter sets come with pillows?”, the answer is definitely positive. Every elegant and decorative kit of this kind, for example, a Purple comforter set, includes at least 2 pillowcases or shams for sure. Additional cushions and pillows, commonly, small and decorative ones may be enclosed to the package and the number of the pillow shams is normally about 4 or 5 pieces, different by sizes and patterns, made of the same materials as the comforter.

But for the comforter itself and a number of pillowcases, a comforter set may include also:

  1. a bed skirt;
  2. a flat sheet;
  3. decorative and bolster pillows;
  4. a neck roll;
  5. a fitted sheet;
  6. the throw.
Even some kinds of drops or curtains may be included, allowing you to decorate your bedroom completely and perfectly good. However, it’s possible only in a superset, so, let’s gets a view of the popular kits’ kinds, sizes, componentry, and materials.

Basic Types of Comforter Sets

basic types of comforter setsFirst of all, the assemblies of bedding accessories differ by the materials, being designed for comfort, design enhancement or warmth objectives. Most of all, like the picturesque (Eifel-themed), Paris comforter set, made of high thread count cotton. Silk ones are the best for the room style and décor; polyester materials are affordable, hard-wearing and hassle-free (easily-washable).

In terms of materials, comforter sets are divided into:

  • organic;
  • hypoallergenic.

Organic bedding materials are exclusively natural: made of wool, cotton or genuine silk. They are pleasant-to-touch, soft, but able to collect dust mites, harmful for the people that suffer from allergic diseases. Therefore, hypoallergenic comforters, made of synthetic fibers like polyester or blend, are quite popular nowadays.

In terms of dimensions, the comforter set is to fit the bed size that is a twin, queen or California king. Additionally, the package may include from 3 to 7 pieces, and the pillowcases play a leading role in the configuration.

What is a Sham?

Thinking about your bedroom or living room decoration, you would definitely consider adding several decorative pillows to your bed, couch or sofa. Therefore, the question “what is a sham bedding?” is quite topical. Thus, a sham is not ordinary, but a fancy pillowcase, coming with ornate design and cut in the backside.

Thinking about what shams in a comforter set are, you would note that these items are decorative-accent, beautiful and originally-shaped.

What is a Pillow Sham Used for?

Do you sleep on pillow shams? It’s possible but hardly probable. Quite naturally, you can sleep on your decorative shams, as they are perfectly soft, pleasant to touch. They may be of not bright, soothing, pastel shades, like in a Blush comforter set. But the basic shams’ applications are decorative, ornamental and stylish.

Common Types, Shapes, and Sizes of Pillow Shams

types shapes and sizes of pillow shamsWhen it comes to the shams designs, they are multifarious, suited to every fancy. They may come with elaborate embroidery or charming patterns. Commonly, a comforter set includes several regular-shaped decorative shams: 2 rectangular and 2 square are the most probable to be included. Additionally, one or two bolster pillows may be available. They are cylindrical-shaped, looking unique and suiting pretty good to accessorize the room. These bedding accessories are also called neck rolls, providing extra support to head, shoulders and back.

How to Arrange Pillows on a Bed?

Quite naturally, it’s a matter of your fancy and your room design. Basically, the pillows can be arranged:

  • vertically;
  • horizontally;
  • in rows.

An accent pillow (or several ones) is always desirable, even in minimalistic design, for stylish look and flair. It would become an improvised highlight of the room, making it unordinary and beautiful.

Thus, selecting a suitable comforter set with shams may become a challenging task. Even if you very easily opt for natural or hypoallergenic materials following your preferences and needs. Choose the size, depending on your bed size, the variety of colors and patterns may become overwhelming.

Therefore, I would recommend you to check the corresponding, high-resolution sham bedding images, considering the patterns and designs. Don’t forget to avoid checking the pillow sham sizes chart for the items of your choice. Use your imagination and select the top-quality, soft and durable comforter sets.

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