Guide To Choosing The Best Sheets For Summer: 6 Top-Rated Models

best sheets for summer reviewsOnly a small number of people likes an exhausting summer heat, so the biggest part of the population is in the constant search of things that can cool them down. Linen is one of the ways to lower high temperatures especially at night, so it is a necessity to obtain the best sheets for summer if you hate sleeping hot. Unfortunately, not all the fabrics are suitable for summer bedding. Of course, it is better to prefer natural and breathable examples that provide better air circulation. However, linen also plays a significant role in the bedroom interior so is look and design are not less important.

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We have analyzed the offer thoroughly and found out that not all the sets give a cooling effect in summer. You are interested ‘what are the best sheets to keep you cool?’. Look through six top-reviewed models. And choose one preferred personally by you.

Top Sheets For Summer in 2019

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1. Threadmill Home Linen 800 Thread Count – Super summer sheets

best cooling sheets for hot flashes reviewsOne of the main drawbacks of many home sheets is pilling, but with this Threadmill Home Linen set you can forget about it. The reason for that is the use of 100% extra-long-staple cotton fibers in the production, so they do not pill and lose strength even after multiple washes.

Being absolutely natural, the fabric used for linen has one more unique feature – 800-thread count is a guarantee of premium softness and satin feel.

These bed sheets work perfectly both in summer and winter. When it is hot, they allow your body to breathe and wick up moisture, but when you feel cold, they keep your body warmth well.

The company makes everything to offer only high-quality linen to its customers. It is a state-of-art vertically integrated factory that meets 100 Oeko-Tex Standards, powered by wind and solar energy and excludes the use of plastic and chemicals even in packaging. Consequently, you get absolute safe hypoallergenic bed sheets packed in the 100% cotton reusable tote.

Features and benefits

Being both environmentally friendly and comfortable, these summer bed sheets are also practical. 5 beautiful colors and 6 different sizes make them versatile. A 15-inch pocket with the elastic strap allows a fitted sheet sit perfectly on the mattress of any height, while ease of care is also impressive – safe for washing machine and tumble dry it will always look neat and feel fresh.

Threadmill Home Linen can boast meticulous craftsmanship and high-quality raw materials that become a perfect foundation for creating luxurious and long-lasting summer bed sheets. It is worth trying at least once to sleep on this linen and you will refuse from everything that was used before it forever.

  • Lightweight;
  • Breathable;
  • Durable;
  • Versatile;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Free of chemicals and plastic;
  • Absolutely soft and lustrous.
  • It turns out there are no special drawbacks:)


One of the highest-rated products these summer bed sheets differ from their closest competitors in the premium quality. Extra-long staple cotton fibers make them soft, durable, safe for health while a special finish adds a lustrous effect and improves softness characteristics too. Perfect for all seasons, these are bed sheets that keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, so you do not need to make extra purchases.

2. CHATEAU HOME COLLECTION 800-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton – Superb sheets for hot summer nights

best sheets for hot summer nights reviewsHow do perfect summer bed sheets look like? Of course, these are super soft and breathable summer sheets that will last for years without changing its perfect look. If you think it is only a dream, look at luxurious Chateau Home Collection sheet set and you will be surprised.

These summer bed sheets will impress you at first look at them, but when you get a chance to sleep on them you will fall in love with them. Made of extra-long Egyptian 100% cotton that is valued all around the globe it guarantees you a luxurious feel of softness and extended durability. The quality of the cotton fabric is estimated by the number of threads – these summer bed sheets feature 800 thread count that helps to achieve this exclusive quality. In addition, they have a sateen weave and are treated with a special finishing process to enhance their great softness.

Features and Specifications

Like other standard sets, it is available in several sizes and consists of 4 pieces. However, a flat sheet and pillowcases of this set are adorned with a tailored marrow stitch that makes them even more appealing.[/su_label] A fitted sheet features a 15-inch pocket to fit mattresses of different sizes. Summer bed sheets of this brand are produced in 20 colors. All of them are translucent and pastel ones to guarantee the best sleeping.

Why should you choose this set for a summer night? The truth is the following: these summer bed sheets are extremely lightweight and breathable so a cooling effect and utmost softness are guaranteed to every sleeper.

  • Natural 100% Egyptian cotton;
  • Different sizes and colors;
  • Lightweight;
  • Breathable;
  • Incredibly soft;
  • Gets softer with every wash;
  • Long-lasting;
  • Easy to care.
  • Subjected to natural cotton shrinkage.


Every person wants to feel luxurious in his bed and good summer bed sheets play one of the most important roles in achieving this effect. This set of bed sheets is a result of a painstaking craft of multiple people. You can rarely find such a high thread count in combination with an additional finish. It means that excellent softness and durability are guaranteed to everyone.

3. Bare Home 1800 Ultra-Soft Microfiber – Good bed sheets for summer

best bed sheets for summer reviewsMicrofiber fabric is used in most of the modern home accessories due to its durability and softness, but the only microfiber woven with the finest craftsmanship has the following properties. Bare Home company uses only a high-quality microfiber fabric that allows producing summer bed sheets of the premium segment. The fabric is made of double-brushed microfiber yarns that allow making it ultra-soft and achieve many other huge benefits.

The exquisite design and premium quality make these summer bed sheets highly durable. They will serve you for many years and remain as beautiful as if they have been just purchased. Their main feature is perfect breathability that makes it a good alternative to cotton. If to take into account that these bed sheets are also wrinkled, shrink, fade and stain-resistant. Moreover, this microfiber fabric is similar in softness Egyptian cotton. And only a professional can certainly say that it is microfiber.

One more huge advantage of these summer bed sheets are a hypoallergenic feature. The microfiber yarns are resistant to dust mites and other allergens. So there is hardly any best other bedding for people suffering from allergies and asthma. You will always wake up refreshed and rested sleeping on this all-year-round linen.

Additional information

These bed sheets from Premium 1800 Ultra-soft Microfiber collection are also easy to clean. They are washed in the machine and dry very quickly using a tumble dry. Moreover, you can forget about ironing as they are resistant to wrinkles and look new even after many years of use.

The summer sheet set consists of 4 pieces and is available in a variety of sizes. In addition, there are 29 colors to choose from. The fitted sheet has a deep pocket that fits the mattresses of the different height from 6 to 15 inches. It means that you get a versatile premium quality product that has no competitors.

  • Top-quality;
  • Durable;
  • Adjustable fitted sheet;
  • Suitable for any season;
  • Resistant to fading, shrinkage, wrinkling, and stains;
  • Very soft;
  • Lightweight;
  • Easy to care.
  • Not perfect breathability.


Modern microfiber fabric has such an excellent quality that it can be hardly distinguished from natural fibers. Featuring the same characteristics it even surpasses cotton in the number of benefits as it is resistant to wrinkles and shrinking. Moreover, this fabric is environmentally friendly and is as soft as premium Egyptian cotton, so you should not doubt that these keep cool sheets deserve your attention.

4. AmazonBasics Heather Jersey Sheet Set – Better type of bed sheets for summer

best jersey sheet sets reviewsEvery person wishes to transform his bed into ua-cozy sleeping heaven to wake up fresh and relaxed. Modern luxurious bedding has made this desire more close to reality. With such super soft heather jersey summer bed sheets, you can feel like in the royal bedroom.

The summer bed sheets from AmazonBasics are 100% combed cotton ones. Cotton fibers are treated in a special way before they being spun into a yarn and it results in the incredibly soft texture. Moreover, they are pre-dyed so the color of the sheet set is long-lasting and non-fading.

One more feature that differs these summer bed sheets from others us a unique heather jersey knit. The cotton fabric with this weave is not only warm and insulating in winter but also breathable and comfortable in summer. Being stretchy these bed sheets hug you comfortable during your night sleep and create an exclusive atmosphere.

Useful information

The summer bed sheets are sold as a set of 2 sheets and 2 pillowcases. You can choose one of 5 sizes and 5 colors offered for sale. They will complement both classic and contemporary interiors and guarantee the utmost comfort every day and night sleep. The fitted sheet of every set has a deep 16-inch pocket and an elastic band to sit on mattresses of different height securely.

You will love this linen not only because of its exclusive knit and wonderful softness but also ease of care. It is safe for washing machines and dries very quickly.

Cotton is undoubtedly the best sheet material for summer and in combination with a marvelous heather jersey knit it offers an unforgettable summer sleeping experience.

  • Great design and look;
  • Beautiful color palette;
  • 100% combed cotton;
  • Premium softness;
  • Durable;
  • Easy to care about;
  • Smooth;
  • Stretchy.
  • Don’t slide across each other easily.


People who got used to sleeping on the best percale sheets but want to get a new pleasant sleeping experience should make the choice in favor of other 100% cotton summer bed sheets with a wonderful heather jersey knit. Thanks to another texture and stretchy effect they offer an absolutely new feeling of relaxation and are a perfect choice for hot summer nights.

5. California Design Den 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton – Quality sheets what to buy for summer

best sheets to buy for summer reviewsWhy do many people admit that sleeping in hotel rooms makes them more refreshed and rested? Mainly, it happens because of the high-quality linen used on the beds, so if you enjoy those crisp and neatly-looking sheets it is time to pay attention to the sets from California Design Den. They will not only create that luxurious feel by also serve you for years thanks to their highest quality.

The set consists of premium summer bed sheets and pillowcases made of 100% long-staple cotton. These yarns make a fabric used for linen ultra-soft and very long-lasting. There is also a 400-thread count that contributes to these advantageous features as well.

These summer bed sheets are an improved version of the model with a better quality. They are not only breathable that makes them perfect for summer. But also have a unique feature of retaining softness for a lifetime and being resistant to fading.

Depending on the size of the mattress you can choose the linen of 6 standard sizes. There are sheets both of pure colors and patterned examples, so you will find the most attractive personally for you from 14 models available for sale. Like in other bed sheet sets the fitted sheet is fully elasticized and has a deep 16-inch pocket for a mattress of any size. Moreover, there is a Smart Head/Foot Tag that indicates the width side.

Interesting information

The summer sheet sets are produced in India. They are manufacturers on the second world’s manufacturing facility with Gold LEED EBOM certification given by USGBC. In addition, the manufacturing process meets the requirements of the Certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex. These are the guarantees of the highest quality of the fabrics used and products sewn.

This California Design Den sheet set with a silky satin weave and incredible craftsmanship will add elegance and luxurious look to any interior. As well as offer comfortable sleep on summer nights. Moreover, you can be confident in its great quality. As these bed sheet sets are produced on the innovative equipment and then are inspected by hands.

  • Eco-friendly;
  • Superior quality;
  • Incredibly soft;
  • Comfortable;
  • Machine washable;
  • Durable;
  • Lasting color;
  • Resistant to shrinking;
  • Individual inspection of every sheet.
  • Sheets become a bit smaller after the first wash because of natural cotton shrinkage.


Far not all cool summer sheets offer this exclusive crisp feel. This summer bed sheet set will provide you with such an incredible softness and silky texture that is a necessity for some hot sleepers. Forget about that unbearable heat on summer nights as the bed sheets are breathable and comfortable.

6. Cosy House Collection Luxury Bamboo Sheets – Effective breathable bed sheets

best breathable bed sheets reviewsDo bamboo sheets keep you cool? Undoubtedly, it is a material that provides a cooling effect and allows hot sleepers improve their nap. However, you can hardly meet any summer bed sheets with 100% bamboo content, that is why it is important to choose one with the highest bamboo content. Luxury bed sheets from Cosy House Collection are sewn from the fabric that consists of bamboo (60%) and microfiber (40%). This combination is a guarantee that the sheets are very soft and comfortable.

Rayon cellulose fiber is famous for its heat regulating properties. It means that the bedding is breathable and suitable for people who suffer from allergies. In addition, the elastic threads are knit so tightly that they will not get loose or rip, so they will serve you for a long time.

These are unique no sweat sheets that wick and evaporate moisture so they are perfect for using in summer. Moreover, they are antimicrobial, resistant to stains, wrinkling and pilling and provide an elegant high-end look.

Additional accessories

It is difficult to believe but these summer bed sheets are not only as soft and silky as cashmere but also have a perfect size. You can choose the bed sheet size depending on your mattress from 6 ones available. A fitted bed sheet of every set has a 16-inch pocket and elastic all around to fit any mattress height. The range of 21 colors allows choosing a bedding to match your interior without much effort too.

Outstanding quality, breathability, and luscious softness are three main epithets that describe these bamboo summer bed sheets most accurately, so with this linen, your summer sleep will be excellent.

  • Lightweight;
  • Breathable;
  • No-sweat;
  • Cool;
  • Durable;
  • Machine washable;
  • Resistant to stains, wrinkles, germs, pilling;
  • Luxurious look.
  • First several washes cause some pilling.


What does it mean to sleep well in summer? You need to feel cool, let your body breathe and get rid of that nasty sweat. All this can be achieved if you choose this luxury bamboo bed sheets. Silky and soft, they have a pleasant texture and touch, while a microfiber blend makes them highly durable and hypoallergenic. A perfect choice for hot summer nights!

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose Summer Bed Sheets

Summer nights may be an unbearable challenge for hot sleepers. And the reason for that is not only a fact that you forgot to remove your comforter but also the choice of bed linen. You can feel rested and fresh in summer only if your sleep will be cool and provide enough airflow to your body, so the choice of summer bed sheets is a very responsible task. If you are not sure what sheets are better for heat, here are some tips to consider.

  1. Materials

Of course, you could have heard that experts advise preferably natural materials like cotton, silk, and bamboo, but the latest technology allows microfiber to get the same unique properties as natural materials, so it can be in your list as well. Linen is also a breathable material but its main drawback is wrinkling.

  1. Thread count

It is a widely-known fact that the higher the thread count, the more durable and softer bed sheets are. However, in summer it is better to prefer sheets with the average thread count of 400 as it is not so tight and lets air pass through it without obstacles. It improves the sheet breathability and does not trap your body warmth inside.

  1. Color

It goes without saying that light colors have more reflecting rather than absorbing properties, so it is better to avoid dark and very bright colors. The pastel palette is the most suitable one.

  1. Weight

Heavy bedding is considered to be more durable, but you can imagine how insulting it can be in summer. That is why it is better to choose lightweight summer bed sheets for a refreshing air circulation.

Conclusion: What The Top Sheets For Summer

Summer bed sheets are a key to a refreshing and deep sleep on hot and stuffy nights. Of course, they will not lower the room temperature for several degrees or provide you with a constant airflow, but a simple cool feel, wicking up sweat and breathability can play a significant role for your body. It will charge with energy during the whole night and you will feel much better in the morning. Get perfect summer bed sheets personally for you from the high-quality models offered above and you will feel how your life has changed for better with this bargain.

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