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Best Blush Comforter Set Review

The delightful pink blush comforter set is a sure choice for a girl’s or young woman’s bedroom. The color is very sweet, delicate, and ever-charming. It feels like it radiates romantic and dreamy vibes all over the bedroom. On the other hand, blush pink bedding is rather understated, so it won’t outshine other elements of decor and will fit perfectly in a pastel-colored interior ensemble. Blush pink combines well with grey, beige, mint, sky blue, lilac, white, and gold. In general, a pink accent makes a room look more fresh, lively and relaxed. This is a great color to be used in a bedroom since it creates a calm and meditative mood. Basically, blush pink color has a girly vibe to it, especially when accentuated by ruches, flounces, or polka dot and floral designs.

Top Blush Pink Comforter Set in 2024

So if you have settled your choice on a blush color for your comforter set, you might be interested in some of the option we have selected for the review. In spite of the color they have in common, these comforter sets are very different. They are designed in different styles: comfy, elegant, dressy, contemporary and classic. Their fabric compositions vary from pure cotton to 100% microfiber. The sizes and configurations of the sets also vary. So there is a good chance you will find something that would suit your tastes and needs.

1. Amrapur Overseas Goose Reversible – Cozy Lightweight and Warm Blush Colored Comforter

Lightweight Blush Microfiber Quilted Comforter ReviewThe comforter offered by Amrapur Overseas comes as a single piece without sheets or pillowcases. Its reversible design features two colors: blush and white. The comforter has a quilted exterior, which makes it look more expressive. At the same time, stitching prevents the filling from migrating and clumping inside the comforter.

The comforter shell is made of soft microfiber, while the filling is down alternative polyester. It is soft, fluffy and insulating. In spite of the comforter being rather on the thin side, it is fairly warm and can be used even in spring and early fall. However, it is not warm enough for cold winters, when the temperature drops below freezing.

The comforter is machine washable. Please note that you might need to use a large-capacity commercial washer and dryer to ensure free movement of the item.

Overall Presentation

Amrapur overseas quilted comforter might be a good solution if you are looking for an extra comforter to match your existing bedding. It can easily fit in with almost any interior, sine it is made in neutral pastel hues. The comforter is 100% synthetic, which, however, does not make it less pleasant to the touch or worse with regard to insulation properties.

  • This comforter is lightweight, but has decent insulation properties.
  • The comforter is designed in neutral, pleasant to the eye colors: white and blush. It is reversible, so it offers two decoration options.
  • This comforter is stitched, so the filling is secured in its place and the exterior showcases a contemporary quilted design.
  • Fade-resistant color.
  • A comforter does not come with a matching cover, so one will have to wash it quite often.
  • The comforter arrives vacuum-sealed, so it stays flat for some time after unpacking.

2. Colourful Snail 100-Percent Natural Washed Cotton – One of the most Comfortable and Soothing Blush Pink Bedding Sets

Blush Pink Bedding Sets ReviewsThis extra-comfortable bedding set is made of 100% washed cotton. The material has some outstanding properties, such as exceptional softness and absolute stability of the color. Moreover, the fabric has a pleasant plush-like feel to it and is covered all over with little creases, which eliminate the necessity of ironing.

The comforter set is made in gentle blush color, with quite noticeable pink hues. The set includes a comforter cover and two pillow shams. The comforter is not included, but you can use any of your existing ones of the matching size. This cover is designed to fit for both full and queen-size comforters. Corner ties on the inside the cover help the insert stay fixed in its place, even if its size is not a perfect fit.

Comforter sets, made of washed cotton are soft, fade-resistant, and very easy to take care of. At the same time, the fabric has all other properties of natural cotton – it’s breathable, soothing to the skin, and hypoallergenic.

General Verdict

Colorful Snail blush comforter set might be a nice accompaniment to a girl’s room designed in romantic style. The fabric is definitely a strong point of this set, which makes it stand out among the similar products on the market.

  • The comforter set is made of 100% washed cotton, which is soft to the touch, absolutely fade-resistant and easy to maintain.
  • The fabric does not require ironing.
  • A comforter cover is good for both full and queen-size comforters.
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic fabric.
  • The comforter cover has corner ties and closes on a zipper, which makes securing an insert an easy task.
  • The fabric is not very densely woven, so you can slightly see through it. So if your comforter or pillows have a design on them, it will show through the cover and shams, spoiling the overall look of the blush bedding.
  • Due to the slight fluffiness of the fabric, this comforter set will catch pet hair very easily, so this might be a downside for pet owners.

3. Damask Sheetsnthings 300 Thread Count Full/Queen Size – A Classic Blush Pink Comforter Set

Classic Blush Pink Duvet Cover Set ReviewThis 3-piece sateen comforter set is designed in classic style, which can be applied to any bedroom setting.

It is made of 100% cotton sateen. The set is designed in monochrome stripes, which, due to the difference in textures, produce an interesting three-dimensional effect. The set consists of a comforter cover and two matching pillow shams. The fabric is pleasant to the touch, breathable and moisture-wicking.

The comforter cover fits for both full and queen-size comforters. It has a buttoned closure, which makes it look neat and prevents the insert from sticking out of the cover.

Pillow shams are good for standard-sized pillows.

Note: A newly bought comforter set might not seem soft enough. However, after several washes, its softness will enhance.

General Representation

This blush colored comforter set is designed to match with both contemporary and classic bedroom style. It is made of pure cotton, so it might be good choice for those who prefer bedding made of natural materials.

  • 100% sateen cotton.
  • Classic striped design provides versatile decoration options.
  • The combination of two different textures of the same blush color creates an alluring 3D effect.
  • A comforter cover has a button closure.
  • The fabric is 300 thread count, which provides the optimal combination of density and softness.
  • The comforter cover has no corner ties.

4. Madison Park Merritt Reversible – An Elegant Comforter Set with a Fretwork Design Blush Bedspread

Comforter Set with a Design Blush Bedspread ReviewThis bed in a bag includes a comforter, two sheets (one flat and one fitted), two pillowcases, two pillow shams (one of each in a twin-size set), a bed skirt and a decorative pillow. The comforter set has a versatile design, so it doesn’t look boring. A comforter and the pillow shams feature an ivory fretwork design against a blush pink background. The other side of the comforter has the same design, only in inverted colors.  Sheets and the pillowcases feature a matching smaller-scale fretwork design. This bed skirt is made in solid blush pink.

The comforter set is made of microfiber with polyester filling. The sheets and pillowcases are 180 thread count pure cotton.

So if you prefer sleeping in bedding made of natural materials, this set would work for you, even in spite of the comforter being completely synthetic.

Common Representation

Madison Park Merritt comforter set includes all the elements that might be required to dress a bed. Its thought-out design gives the bed an elegant and finished look. It is most suitable for classic interiors made in soft pastel hues.

  • The comforter set includes all the essential elements of a classic bedding.
  • Includes cotton sheets and pillowcases for enhanced comfort.
  • Reversible comforter.
  • The comforter is rather soft to the touch and fluffy.
  • The sheets are 180 thread count, which is quite low for such product.
  • The comforter is prone to wrinkling.

5. Lush Decor Belle 3-Piece Quilt Set – A Blush Pink Ruffle Bedding

Blush Comforter Set Queen Size ReviewThis truly lush bedding set consists of a comforter and two pillow shams, adorned with playful ruffles. The comforter is rather on the thin side, but the ruffles add some volume to it, so it looks quite puffy. The ruffles have raw edges, which is quite common with this type of fabric, so it cannot be considered a flaw.

The face is 100% cotton, while the back is made of polyester. The delicate blush color gives the set a princess style look. It would look great in a classic style bedroom, especially on a bed with poles and canopy or curtains.

Useful tip: This comforter will look its best with a long drop all the way to the floor. To achieve this effect you can buy a set that is one size larger than your bed.

One of the Most Feminine Blush Comforter Set

This is a nice decorative bedding set. If you need a comforter set for everyday use, you might want to look for something more practical. This set can be a great solution for a guest bedroom or as a special occasion bed decoration.

  • Luscious design with a luxury vibe.
  • The ruffles visually add fullness to the comforter and pillow shams.
  • A face is made of 100% cotton.
  • The comforter will work great as a fancy coverlet.
  • Taking care of this comforter set might be quite a hassle, since it requires dry cleaning.
  • The ruffles make ironing very inconvenient. So one will have to either steam it out after purchasing or put up with the wrinkles.

6. JELLYMONI Pink Soft Bedding Set – Contemporary Style Blush and Grey Bedding

Style Blush and Grey BeddingThis is a mini twin-size set, which includes a comforter and a pillow sham (two shams are offered in larger sizes). It is simple, yet not too plain and boring, thanks to the chevron stitching that embellishes the comforter, at the same time keeping the filling in place.

The exterior of the comforter and shams are made of soft microfiber, while the filling is polyester. The materials are hypoallergenic and fairly breathable, as much as can be expected from polyester. The comforter is not particularly warm, it is rather on a thin side. So during cold winters, you might need to pair it up with an extra blanket.

Caution: The comforter is machine washable, however, you should make sure it fits loosely into the washer and dryer and use high-capacity commercial equipment if needed.

General Impression

The set looks rather neat and brisk. More likely than not, it would suit the tastes of young girls. It is a nice option to be used as bedding set in a college dorm, but one might feel that it lacks matching sheets. The interesting thing about the comforter is that it’s reversible, so one can change the bedding design in one simple motion.

  • Chevron stitching keeps the filling of the comforter in place and adds style to the bedding.
  • Reversible comforter.
  • A comforter is machine washable, doesn’t require ironing or any special treatment.
  • The pillow sham has a hidden zipper closure, which gives it a neat and seamless look.
  • Comforter is rather lightweight.
  • The comforter set is made of synthetic fabric.
  • The comforter is rather thin, so it would work only in the summer.

7. Eikei Rose Gold – One of the most Elegant King Size Comforter Sets

King Size Comforter Sets ReviewsThis is an elegant Egyptian cotton comforter cover set made in a tempting blush pink color. The fabric has an exquisite sateen-like feel and a slight sheen, so it really looks like high-end luxurious bedding. The fabric is rather dense (400 thread count) but at the same time breathable, pliable, and pleasant to the touch. Moreover, it is fade- and pill-resistant, so with proper care, this comforter set can serve you for many years to come.

The set consists of three items: a comforter cover and two pillow shams. The comforter cover has hidden-button closure and corner ties to secure the insert in its place. The pillow shams feature French flap closures.

The packaging deserves special attention. The comforter set comes in a luxurious box and is complemented with a matching storage bag.

Overall impression

This luxurious blush pink bedding set can make a great anniversary, wedding or housewarming gift. In spite of its solid color and plain design, it looks elegant and has a special charm. This set gives a bedroom a sophisticated and somewhat glamorous vibe.

  • The comforter set is made of 400 thread count Egyptian cotton, which is dense, sleek, breathable, and wear-, fade-, and pill-resistant.
  • Rich and vibrant color.
  • The item comes in a luxurious gift box.
  • This comforter has a hidden button closure and corner ties.
  • The product is easy to take care of.
  • The set does not include matching sheets.
  • This fabric wrinkles easily, so one will have to iron it after each wash.

A Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Top Blush Bedding Set

As you have already realized, there are an endless variety of bedding sets in blush pink color. Not only the designs and configurations are different, but also the color shades. The hues vary from soft creamy pink to standard pantone blush, and yet to warmer peach shade. Nevertheless, there are more important characteristics that should be paid attention to. So let’s talk more about them.

Pay attention to what is behind the name of a “comforter set”

As you have noticed, different manufacturers include different items into the sets. So something that is called a “comforter set” might not actually contain an insert, only a cover. That is fine, as long as you don’t expect to see a comforter in it. Furthermore, some bedding sets come with sheets, which is very convenient, since you get a full package of bedding elements and won’t have to look for matching items. At the same time, there are plenty of sets on the market that only include a comforter and/or a cover and pillow shams. So you will have to make sure that you own or know where to get the matching sheets. Otherwise, even the most stunning blush bedding set won’t look as great as it is designed to.

Pay attention to the fabric

Comforter sets are usually made of pure cotton, cotton blends or 100% polyester. Cotton sheets and covers are the most preferable, since they are natural, hypoallergenic, breathable and moisture wicking. At the same time, quality cotton bedding is rather expensive, especially those made of high-thread-count Egyptian cotton, ranforce or percale. On the other hand, modern technologies have made it possible to produce high-end fabric from polyester (specifically, microfiber). It is softer to the touch than pure cotton and has quite decent breathability for a competitive price. High quality comforter sets do not necessarily have to be made of cotton. In fact, low-end cotton bedding is worse than high-quality polyester, so the natural feel is not the only criterion that should be considered when buying sheets or a comforter.

If the set you’re buying actually includes a comforter, you should pay attention to its filling. The traditional goose down filling is renowned for its exceptional insulation properties, lightness and breathability. On the downside, it is rather expensive, so down alternative polyester batting is gaining popularity. It is also lightweight and puffy and its insulation characteristics are rather decent.

Choose the color wisely

Although the Pantone system has a clearly defined color called “blush”, in reality the color might vary significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Moreover, our monitors don’t convey colors in the same way, so there is always a room for some inaccuracy. Blush is a rather specific color, so if you are looking for an item that is supposed to match exactly with the existing interior or bedding pieces, it would be wiser to go to the offline store to see the colors live. If finding the right shade of blush pink is not worth a trip to the store, but you still want to make sure the color will look good, it would be a good idea to look through the reviews of other buyers and see whether they are satisfied with the color of the bedding you’ve set your heart on.


A good blush comforter set can spruce up your bedroom and bring a gentle touch of feminine elegance to it. It is vibrant, yet understated; playful, but romantic at the same time. The power and charm of blush pink color are magnified by a quality and tasteful bedding. Fortunately, the market of bedding sets never runs short of options of all kinds and for every budget. Hopefully, this guide will help you not to get lost in the array of choices and find the bedding you will truly enjoy.