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paris comforter sets reviewsIf you are looking to spruce up your bedroom with the chic vibe of the most romantic city in the world, then you might be interested in a top Paris themed comforter sets. Such comforter sets usually consist of several items, featuring the most recognizable Paris landmark – the Eiffel Tower. It’s amazing how many variations in style and design can be created around the Paris theme. Romantic, dramatic, playful, funny, cute, girly, masculine – this is not even the full list of possible styles. If you are fond of France and its timeless elegance, you should definitely consider getting a Paris-themed comforter set. One of our seven best-choice products might be just right for you.

Top Paris Themed Comforter Set in 2024

We have picked seven most interesting offers on the market, presented in various styles and designs: dreamy, romantic, playful, arty. Some of them come with comforter inserts, some include only duvet covers. Sizes range from twin to queen. These sets are all different but equally interesting and worthy of your attention.

1. Ambesonne Eiffel Tower Duvet Cover Set – Modern Black and White Eiffel Tower Bedding

Black and White Eiffel Tower Bedding ReviewThe Kingtex Paris duvet cover set is a stylish black-and-white bedding ensemble that consists of three pieces: a comforter cover and two pillowcases. It is designed in a comic book style, featuring the most famous Paris landmarks, travel-related icons and words written in funny scripts. Its overall look resembles a blackboard with chalk-drawn images, which can be often seen in cafes and parlors across Europe.

The comforter set is made of high-quality microfiber. It is very soft and silky to the touch, also stain-, fade- and shrink-resistant. The manufacturer assures that you can rely on the product to remain its initial appearance even after many washes, as long as you follow the care instructions.

The manufacturer has also taken care of the practical side. The comforter cover has corner ties inside of it so that you can fasten your comforter to keep it in place. The comforter cover closes on a hidden zipper, while the pillowcases are designed with envelope closures.

Overall Presentation

This is a stylish and practical comforter cover set with playful Paris-themed design. It can fit in with almost any interior style. It also can be easily complemented with plain black or white sheets, which can be found in every store. Its consumer qualities make it stand out among the competitors.

  • Ever-stylish chalkboard sign-like design.
  • Made of high-quality microfiber, which is breathable, stain-, fade-, and shrink-resistant.
  • Easy to take care of.
  • The comforter cover has corner ties to keep the comforter in place.
  • Due to black being a prevailing color in the design, stains won’t show very well on the comforter.
  • The word “Bonjour”, depicted on the comforter, is spelled incorrectly.
  • No sheets are included in the set.

2. HowPlumb 5-Piece Girl’s Comforter Set – Reversible Black and Pink Paris Bedding, Paris Themed Comforter Set, Queen and Full Size

Black and Pink Paris Bedding ReviewThe comforter set features a playful collage of the most recognizable landmarks of Paris and London, retro images and ornate lettering. The black-pink-and-purple color scheme determines that this set is designed primarily for girls. Its retro-chic style is accentuated by a royal pattern on the reverse side of the comforter and a black decorative pillow, embellished with an embroidered crown and the word “Paris”.

The comforter set consists of the following elements: a comforter, two pillow shams, and two decorative pillows. It is made of soft microfiber, which is rather warm and soothing to the touch.

The comforter is rather on the thin side, so it might be a good choice for the families that live in the warm climate. It is machine washable with restrictions as to the temperature and the type of cycle. The manufacturer also advises against tumble drying the item.

The comforter can fit for both queen and full size beds, although an elegant long drop will be achieved only on a full size bed or smaller.

General Impression

This vibrant Paris-themed comforter set might be a nice compliment to a young lady’s bedroom. The combination of retro-chic and royal motives is rather alluring, so its design is definitely a strong point. The comforter can’t be used all year round, but it will serve the decorative purpose regardless of the season.

NOTE: For young and tender young ladies, pink comforters sets. You can see them here!

  • Vibrant girly design.
  • Reversible comforter allows you to choose one of the two decorative options.
  • The comforter is machine washable.
  • Each set includes two decorative pillows.
  • The microfiber exterior material is incredibly soft and soothing.
  • The set is made of microfiber, with lacks such property as breathability.
  • The comforter is rather thin, so it can’t be used in the wintertime.

3. Sapphire Home Comforter Set – A Turquoise Paris Eiffel Tower Comforter Set, Full Double Size

Eiffel Tower Comforter Set ReviewThe signature element of this comforter set is a large 3D print of the Eiffel Tower, framed by the autumn trees. The wide turquoise stripe on the comforter cover and matching pillowcases add vibrancy to the bedding ensemble. The reverse side of the comforter cover and two other pillowcases feature miscellaneous travel-themed images. So basically, this is a two-in-one set. You can use it to style your bed in two different ways, at the same time remaining loyal to the Paris theme. It also includes a matching full double size flat sheet.

The comforter that comes with the set is plain white. It is meant to be inserted into the comforter cover so that you can use it as a blanket. In such a way you won’t have to wash the comforter very often, if ever. In our opinion, it is very convenient, since a puffy comforter might not fit into every washer and dryer.

The fabric is pure cotton. It is soft to the touch, breathable and hypoallergenic. You will feel comfortable in this bedding even in the hottest summer.

Common Representation

Paris in Autumn is a seven-piece comforter set designed in sepia hues and turquoise. The reversible comforter cover allows you to enjoy two bedding design variations. The fabric is made of pure cotton, so this product might be highly appreciated by people who prefer their bedding to be made of natural materials.

  • High-quality 3D design featuring the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
  • The comforter cover is reversible and features two different designs, united by the common theme.
  • The set includes seven pieces, which make up a full bedding ensemble.
  • The product is made of 100% natural cotton.
  • The comforter consists of a plain insert and a cover, which makes the maintenance much easier.
  • The comforter is rather thin, so it is only good for the warm season.

4. Fairfield Bedding Set, Eiffel Tower, Gold Design – A Cute and Dreamy Paris Print Comforter Set for a Boy’s Bedroom

Paris Print Comforter Set for a Girl’s Bedroom ReviewIf your daughter, granddaughter or niece is fond of Paris, France and traveling, this comforter set might be a great gift for her. With its pink, black, olive green and sky blue designs tastefully arranged on a white background, this set looks absolutely adorable. It is designed to match the tastes of little girls, who dream of romantics, fashion and chic living.

The twin-sized comforter set consists of four pieces: a comforter itself, a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, a pillowcase and a pillow sham. The reverse side of the comforter is solid pink. The sheets and the pillowcase feature a playful pink and white polka dot design.

Both exterior material and filling of the comforter are made of 100% polyester (just like the sheets and the sham). The set is machine washable; the comforter will most likely fit into any standard washer. The comforter is stitched through so that the filling does not migrate or get crumpled inside the bag, especially while washing.

The icons depicted on the comforter and the pillow sham are rather popular, so you can easily find matching elements, such as curtains, laundry hampers or wall decals to style up the interior.

General Representation

The I Love Paris comforter set can become a cute and stylish element in a girl’s bedroom. Its color combinations are pleasant to the eye and the appealing designs bring up associations with the most romantic city in the world. The polyester fabric is soft to the touch and will make sleeping a comfortable and soothing experience.

  • Modern, girly design that features the iconic symbols of Paris.
  • Reversible comforter offers two design variations.
  • Stitched comforter keeps the filling right in its place.
  • The set includes a fitted sheet.
  • Made of a synthetic material.

5. The Lakeside Collection Vintage Paris – Black and White Paris Themed Bedding, Twin Size

Black and White Paris Bedding Twin ReviewThis mini comforter set consists of a twin-size comforter and a pillow sham. The white background features a mix of Paris-themed images and lettering.

Its monochrome design makes it easily compatible with plain sheets of any color and allows for numerous stylish bedding combinations. This comforter set can also fit in with almost any interior color scheme.

The fabric is 100% polyester. It is less breathable than cotton, but since the comforter and pillow shams mainly serve a decorative purpose, this quality is not that essential. Nevertheless, the fabric is rather pleasant to the touch.

The set is machine washable, so taking care of it won’t be a problem.

The Lakeside Collection comforter set can be a nice choice for a teenager’s room. It is gender-neutral, so when matched with sheets of different colors it can make up stylish bedding ensembles for both boys and girls.

Common Impression

The Lakeside Collection comforter set is a simple and stylish monochrome bedding duo. Its black and white designs feature the most recognizable elements of Parisian style. This set is compatible with almost any interior design and will most likely be appreciated by teenagers.

People with a sophisticated taste will definitely like purple comforter set.

  • Gender- and color-neutral design. The set can be matched with sheets of any color.
  • Easy to take care of.
  • The comforter is rather warm, so it can be used as a blanket even during a cold season.
  • The fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • The fabric is 100% synthetics.
  • The set comes with only one pillow sham and you won’t be able to purchase the exact same one separately.

6. Avondale Manor Cherie Comforter Set – Paris Full Size Comforter Set in Noir Style

paris full size comforter set in noir styleThe Beddinginn comforter set features an impressive digital printed 3D design, showcasing a red retro car against a black-and-white cityscape with the Eiffel Tower.

The design is applied through reactive printing, which is an eco-friendly technology that produces vibrant and fade-resistant images. This comforter set might be a good choice for those who love dark bedding.

The set does not include a comforter, it only consists of a flat sheet, a duvet cover and two pillowcases. A pillowcase and the comforter cover lock on zippers to ensure that the pillows and the comforter always stay safely inside and don’t slip out as you toss and turn in your bed.

The set is made of pure cotton. It is soft to the touch, rather dense and exceptionally breathable. Cotton bedding is commonly appreciated for its ability to absorb moisture, so one can sleep comfortably even in the hottest summer.

Common Presentation

This is a quality 100% cotton bedding set with a modern Paris-themed design. It features a popular 3D digital print, which is rather vibrant and fade-resistant. This is not an actual comforter set since it does not include a comforter.

  • Features an impressive high-resolution 3D design.
  • The set is made with eco-friendly printing technology.
  • The fabric is 100% cotton.
  • The openings on a comforter cover and pillowcases close on zippers.
  • 400 thread count that stands for a durable and pleasant to the touch product.
  • Requires special care with several restrictions.
  • The manufacturer recommends against ironing the set, so if you like crisp and smoothed out bedding, this one might not be the right option for you.

7. CASA Paris Comforter Set – A 7-Piece Cotton Paris Bed in a Bag, Eiffel Tower Comforter Set, Queen Size

eiffel tower comforter setThis is a twin-size ranforce comforter set that features an elegant and romantic Paris-themed design. The set includes a comforter, a comforter cover, a flat sheet, and four pillowcases. The comforter, the cover and two of the four pillowcases feature a large graphic image of the Eiffel tower, accentuated by elegant lettering, pink roses, a red butterfly, and retro stamps.

The design has a vintage-chic vibe to it, which might be highly appreciated by young women.

It is noteworthy that this set comes with a comforter and a comforter cover, unlike many other sets that only include a flat sheet to be used with a comforter. So you can choose either to use a comforter by itself or to put it in a cover so that you won’t have to wash it very often.

The set is made of ranforce – a high quality type of pure cotton fabric, renowned for its exceptional characteristics. The sheets, pillowcases, and covers made of ranforce are very durable, soft to the touch, fade-resistant, and absorptive. So this set appears to be of rather high quality.

Overall impression

The Gold Case Paris 7-piece bed-in-a-bag is a high-quality pure cotton bedding set that can bring the romance of France into your bedroom. The set might be a good choice for those who value a combination of style and quality of natural materials.

  • The set is made of 100% natural cotton.
  • Comes with a comforter and a comforter cover.
  • This is a bed in a bag, which includes all the items you might need to dress your bed in a Paris style.
  • Elegant and romantic design.
  • The design of the cover makes inserting a comforter in it quite a challenging task.

Choosing the Perfect Paris Comforter Set – Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for a comforter set, regardless of style, you should follow general recommendations. You should pay attention to the size, color scheme, fabric composition, and care recommendations. We will talk more about that in the Buyer’s Guide section, and now let’s review some of the most noteworthy comforter sets available on the market.

If you have decided to bring a little bit of Paris vibe to your or your child’s bedroom, it would be nice to know how to make the right choice with regard to the quality and properties of the product. In our opinion, the following factors are the most important ones to consider.

  1. The contents of the comforter set. You should always pay attention to the list of items that actually come in the set, since it may significantly vary from seller to seller. Some comforter sets might not include the comforter itself, only a duvet cover. Others might have only a flat sheet and no fitted sheet. So in order to avoid disappointment, you should always carefully study product descriptions before making a purchase.
  2. The composition of the fabric. Pure cotton comforter and bedding sets are preferable for a number of reasons. They are pleasant to the touch, breathable, absorptive, durable and hypoallergenic. Even small children can safely sleep on cotton sheets. Polyester or microfiber sheets and comforters are cheaper and less breathable, however, if made of quality fibers, can also have a soft and appealing feel to them. Moreover, dense microfiber fabric is stain-resistant, so sheets and comforters made of it will require less washing and thus will last longer.
  3. Quality of the print. There are several ways of transferring high-resolution colorful images on fabric. The most popular ones are reactive printing and pigment printing. Although the first method is more time-consuming and results in higher priced products, it allows to achieve vibrant, fade-resistant prints, that would look as good as new even after many washes. Besides, reactive printing is an eco-friendly technology. So when shopping for a 3D printed comforter or bedding set, you should check with the manufacturer regarding the type of printing technology used.

Thread count

This is one of the key characteristics that define the quality of bedding. Standard thread counts start from 150, while the numbers around 200 and higher stand for high quality products. Most experts agree that any thread count between 200 and 400 are the most preferable. Thread counts beyond 400 might be misleading, so you have to be very careful when purchasing such bedding. (source: Wikipedia).


The market of comforters and bedding sets will never stop indulging us with the abundance and extravagance of choices. The manufacturers strive to keep up with the trends and introduce designs that would resonate with consumers’ tastes. One of such trends is Paris theme, which takes us on a journey to the most romantic city in the world. Designing a bedroom with a Paris vibe to it is a great idea for adults, children and teenagers. The modern market allows us to find a perfect comforter set for any style and budget. This review covers only a small portion of the available options, but at least now you have a starting point for your search.