What is Brushed Microfiber Made of?

what is brushed microfiberWhat is brushed microfiber? I am sure you are already familiar with microfiber specifics. Quite naturally, this fabric is artificially-made. It’s always synthetic by nature, polyester, or nylon. Can you buy microfiber sheets made of natural materials? It’s impossible. 100% cotton bedding sets are also not common.

Most items available on the market are various blends. Composition matter. Microfiber vs polyester comforter is shaggier and fluffier. Its surface is less smooth and sleek. Brushed microfiber is:

  1. Soft.
  2. Gentle on your skin.
  3. Silky.
  4. Hypoallergenic.

Is brushed microfiber breathable? It has better airflow than other polyester materials. Initially treated by sodium hydrochloride, the material becomes more wettable. Caustic soda deweights the fabric. Subsequently, it decreased its static problems are. Additionally, polyester is treated by alkaline solutions, becoming easier to dye. It’s flexibility, and draping quality is enhanced.

Afterward, microfiber yarns are brushed. Due to this technology, these accessories are worth being listed among the other best sheets for night sweats. Loose fibers raised to the fabric surface are. They become fluffy, trapping air particles. This way, thermal insulation is improved. Thus, these sheets are perfectly warm. They retain heat, becoming still pretty soft and pleasant to touch.

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What are Brushed Microfiber Sheets?

what is brushed microfiber sheetsAre you going to buy a new bedding set? You may need to breathe a new life into your cozy bedroom. The sheets that tend to be a gift for your friends or close ones are to be even more luxurious and top-quality. What are microfiber sheets? Comfort and materials matter, especially if you want to impress your grandma or your little kid. Are man-made materials as comfortable as cotton? Will these sheets warm you during cold, rainy water? Let’s discuss pros and cons of microfiber once again. I hope this article helps you decide if you use these bedding accessories in winter or not.


What Is a Good Thread Count for Microfiber Sheets?

Selecting bedding sets, made of natural materials such as cotton or linen, you would consider their thread count numbers. It estimated as one of the sheets’ quality equations. Low (200-800) thread-count sheets are rougher and not as wear-resistant as top-quality bedding sets. They might pill and rip in some months or years of heavy use.

High thread-count (1200 or more) fabric is made of thin, silky, and strong fibers. Its surface is smooth and dense. Therefore, its believed to be comfortable, breathable, and durable. Additionally, the best lightweight comforter, made of cotton, is:

  1. Long-staple.
  2. Made in Egypt or USA.
  3. Including fine, strong yarns.
  4. Heavy (two-ply) woven.

Double-thread yarns make the fabric heavy-duty and durable. Above all, microfiber is a textile fabric. Consequently, it might be woven or knitted. However, thread count is not the best criteria to evaluate its quality. Sheets made of 100% polyester are usually evaluated by their weight or thickness.

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What is Microfiber Sheets?

Fabric Weight, GSMQualityDescription
55-70lowlightweight and thin
75-100mediumluxurious and soft
105-120highdurable, heavy-duty

So, microfiber thickness is estimated in grams/sq. m. Low-quality bedding accessories might last for a couple of months or a couple of washes only. If it wears out, don’t be sad. Microfiber cloth uses are multifarious. These pieces of soft fabric help you to clean your eye-glasses, TV, and laptop screens, or furniture. Durable ones are still more cost-efficient.

Which is Better: Cotton or Microfiber Sheets?

Both materials are excellent bedding choices that are available in multiple top-quality options. Using comfortable ones, you sleep well, avoiding multiple negative health effects. Quite naturally, in terms of health and feel, cotton is preferable. This material is:

  • natural;
  • breathable;
  • soft to touch;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • environment-friendly.

Are comforters that keep you cool in summer and warm in winter made of cotton or microfiber? Natural fabric enables perfect heat distribution, drawing heat away from your skin. Cotton is preferable in summer. Terry towels made of it are unbeatable, due to their perfect moisture-absorbing properties. However, cotton sheets are prone to tear and wear. They are crisp, easy to wrinkle, so you would need to iron them after every wash.

Microfiber vs cotton sheets are not too healthy. Low-quality fabric might conduct electricity, becoming static. If you have sensitive skin, it would be better to avoid synthetic materials. Continuous contact with them might cause irritation or allergy. Meanwhile, brushed microfiber bedding accessories have some significant advantages.

What is the Benefit of Microfiber Sheets?

Bedding sets, made of synthetic fabrics, are commonly more affordable than top-quality cotton ones. However, they are not worse in terms of feel, comfort, and durability. Brushed microfiber sheets are perfect:microfiber sheets pros and cons

  • strong;
  • flexible;
  • fast-drying;
  • colorfast;
  • wrinkle-resistant.

Is microfiber toxic? Unfortunately, polyester is not an environmentally-friendly material. This synthetic fabric is made of processed petrol. So, it’s not bio-degradable. Wastewater, released after fabric dying, is extremely polluted. Poor-quality microfiber is flammable, emitting toxic gases when heated.

Meanwhile, after chemical treatment and all production cycles, top-quality microfiber is safe to touch. It’s hypoallergenic and pretty soft. What do brushed microfiber sheets feel like? They are not as silky-smooth as nylon or polyester fabrics. But thanks to the perfect lightness, the sheets on your skin feels gentle and delicate.

In terms of appearance, microfiber bedding accessories are unrivaled. They are stain-resistant and vibrant. Many patterns and shades are available on the market. Synthetic fabric doesn’t fade after numeral washes. Quite naturally, all sheets may shrink after washing.

Heat might damage microfiber. So, recommended are cold water settings and air drying. Fortunately, ironing is not necessary. Are brushed microfiber sheets good in terms of temperature control? They don’t absorb moisture. On the contrary, they trap heat, letting you feel warmer in winter.

Final Impression

What are the best sheets to keep you cool? Breathable cotton bedding accessories are perfect during hot summer nights. Wicking moisture away from your skin, they don’t let you feel sticky or sweaty. Meanwhile, I highly recommend brushed microfiber sheets for winter. Perfectly smooth and fluffy, they keep you warm and cozy. Just select top-quality, durable sets and enjoy their gentle touch.

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