best washable wool blankets

In the fall, before annual cold spell, you sorely need additional comfort and coziness. Even in warm and sunny Texas, nights are cooling down fast in November. You may want to save on heating or sleep in a basement. Anyway, it’s better to buy a couple of best washable wool blankets.

5 TOP Washable Wool Blankets in 2023

Even if it’s warm enough in winter in your bedroom, they are to be at hand. Wool blankets comfort you in extremely cold field conditions. Fine-grade soft covers add a decorative touch to your space. Thick and densely woven or soft and fluffy, they are durable and hard-wearing. Modern technologies make these materials machine-washable. So, let me introduce several perfect solutions I prefer and use in my daily life.

1. Pendleton Colorfast: Best Wool Blankets Made in USA

What do you feel when you reflect on natural wool? It might be a bit rough and itchy. Touching your bare sensitive skin, it might irritate it. Why don’t you use the blanket with a sheet? Soft and breathable cotton material protects you from all negative effects. Additionally, prefer a soft, breathable cover, like the blanket by Pendleton.

It’s not as soft as fleece or flannel. It might could seem to be even a bit scratchy when you get the package. But the blanket becomes softer with every wash. Can a 100% wool textile be machine-washable? This beautiful piece of cloth downplays all natural wool downsides.

Features and Benefits

It isn’t bulky at all. Pendleton blanket is pretty thin and lightweight, but warm. Perhaps, somewhere in Alaska, you’ll have to pair it with the second blanket. Here, in Texas, it’s comfortable and warm enough. Even during the coldest winter nights, it lets us avoid using a heater and open windows.

The blanket is colorfast. It doesn’t shrink, fade or pill. Of course, you should wash it in warm water, selecting delicate cycle. Dry it on extra low or no heat at all. Manufacturers don’t disclose any detail of their technology. Pendleton Woolen Mills is a renowned and experienced company.

This family-owned business works since 1863 in Portland, Oregon. So, their luxurious, pure virgin wool products are top-quality. Additionally, I like this variety of colors. Multiple solid, plaid and striped options are available. So, you can use the blanket as a throw. It’s pretty decorative and compact.

Do you prefer a fringe on the sides? Pendleton store has merino wool throw blankets available. But whipstitched edges of the blanket look so neat and charming. You might could treasure hand finishing, as it’s precise and home-felt.

  • soft;
  • colorful and decorative;
  • machine-washable;
  • warm;
  • lightweight.
  • line or air dry is preferable;
  • you may wish it to be thicker.


Eco-wise wool blanket by Pendleton is soft and comparatively lightweight. Wash is in cool tap water and it won’t shrink or pill. Additionally, it’s virtually as decorative and a throw. But the blanket comes with whipstitched edges, finished by hand.

2. Alpaca Striped: Best Wool Blankets for Camping

In winter, you don’t have to stay at home every weekend. Chiller nights are not a reason to stop traveling and enjoying nature. For example, in Texas, you can visit beautiful Grand Canyon or manicured Purdon Groves. Camping in fall is great, as you can avoid summer heat.

Milder temperatures are beneficial, and altitude difference would make you feel cooler. You might could even be lucky to see a small layer of snow. Weather conditions change at the drop of hat. So, you’ll need several layers of warm clothes and some essentials to sleep comfortably.

Alpaca wool blanket grants you coziness during chilly winter nights. It’s a superb thick blanket, but it’s not too heavy. Weighing only 3.49 pounds, it wraps you tenderly, blocking out cold. Natural fibers are terrific, as the blanket is breathable. It lets you prevent overheating, avoiding excess sweating.

Useful Features

Alpaca blanket is perfectly soft and durable. It doesn’t irritate your sensitive skin. This warm cover is hypoallergenic and itch-less. How comes? In this case, we can disclose the secret. It’s clearly due to the textile composition. Its fibers contain:

  1. Recycled alpaca– 52%.
  2. Wool – 33%.
  3. Cotton – 15%.

Alpaca fibers are luxurious and soft: cotton makes the covering smooth and hard-wearing. They are also durable and easy-to-maintain. So, it’s a practical opting, useful during every winter trip or picnic. You can wash and dry it at low heat: this charming material doesn’t shrink. Besides, Military banderita series implies long-time functionalities in harsh conditions.

  • warm;
  • soft and breathable;
  • machine-washable;
  • lightweight;
  • charming whipstitched edges.
  • it might be a bit bulky to fit your backpack;
  • shreds heavily, so, it’s better to use it outdoors.


Gray or beige, striped coverlet by Alpaca Warehouse is warm and soft. It would be a great gift for Christmas or Thanksgiving day. Additionally, it’s durable and machine-washable. So, you can use it outdoors, during a picnic or in harsh camping conditions.

3. Arcturus Military: Best Wool Blankets for Bushcraft

Do you like extreme outdoor activities? You might need to learn and practice wilderness skills. During a long trip, in natural environment, you are to survive too. Having lost yourself in the forest, you’ll have to build a shelter or rekindle a fire. Basic tools like a knife or compass are essential.

A warm blanket is an essential part of your emergency kit. It’s muted by color, looking classy, being virtually imperceptible. I don’t think, it would become a part of your camouflage outfit. But durable, hard-wearing blanket is to be always at hand.

Distinctive Features

Warmth is a must. But when it goes about dependability, Arcturus blanket is a definitive leader. It stands out by:

  • 80% wool/ 20% synthetic fibers content;
  • 5 lbs. weight;
  • 600 gsm density;
  • loom-woven fabric;
  • solid, reliable lock-stitching.

The blanket warms you up in any outdoor conditions. Which material provides warmth even when wet? Wool fibers have unique properties. They soak moisture, providing proper insulation even when it rains. The blanket still contains 20% synthetic fiber. It improves its elasticity, washability and durability.

Thus, during a picnic, you can place the cover on the ground. Lay it in your car or cabin to diminish night-time temperature drops. Even if your coverlet gets dirty, wash it in your machine on delicate cycle, in cold water. Add some special woolen detergent to reduce shedding. Manufacturers have already pre-washed it 3-times to eliminate shrinking and make it hygienic.

Line or air drying is still preferable. In Texas, low relative humidity makes it possible in fall and winter. If the air is pretty wet in your house, place a portable heater in the room. It’s safe, as fine wool fibers are naturally fire-retardant. This way, line drying makes the material much softer and gentler.

  • durable material and solid stitching;
  • muted colors, imperceptible in a forest;
  • machine washable and hard-wearing;
  • soft, pleasant to touch;
  • thick and heavy.
  • out of the box, it smells a bit;
  • I wouldn’t use the blanket indoors, as it’s not decorative.


Military blanket by Arcturus Camo is durable and hard-wearing. It suits various outdoor and heavy-duty applications. The cover is machine-washable, so, dirty issues are not critical. Additionally, camo blanket is soft and warm.

4. Desert Breeze: Thick and Lofty Virgin Wool Blankets

At home, you need a warm blanket too. It should be fluffy, thick, heavy and preferably odor-free. Authentic wool blanket by Dezert Breeze Distributing completely meets these high requirements. It’s cozy, tightly-woven and luxurious. So, it feels soft against your sensitive bare skin.

Washability and Functionality

Desert Breeze blanket is soft, lofty, not itchy at all. It doesn’t irritate your skin due to its finished texture. This natural masterpiece stands out by:

  • brushed surface on both sides;
  • 50% Alpaca, 50% Merino sheep virgin wool composition;
  • luxurious, fine texture;
  • double-stitched, protective binding edge;
  • perfect breathability and durability.

Are wool coverlets good? Both Alpaca and Merino wool contains fine, soft fibers. But camelid animals have straight hair. Sheep are curly, so their wool is not only dense but lustrous and naturally crimpy. Their blend is perfect, luxurious and breathable.

Fine wool keeps you toasty, making your body temperature stable. This way, it improves your sleep quality. Twin size is about as small, as your best wool throw blankets. It’s not very bright by colors, but pretty decorative. In your bedroom, it looks stylish and luxurious.

Additionally, it seems to be strange, but these natural, lofty blankets are easy-to-maintain. Brush or sponge off minor soiling with a damp cloth. Heavy soiling requires hand or machine washing. Delicate cycle, cool or warm water and mild detergents are essential. Additionally, manufacturers don’t recommend tumble dry. Delicate material might pile, and it affects the look.

  • fine and lofty;
  • soft and luxurious brushed surface;
  • tightly woven and durable;
  • protective binding edges;
  • toasty, cozy feel.
  • has slight lanolin odor;
  • might be too heavy for camping or outdoor application.


Wool blanket by Desert Breeze Distributing is warm and lofty. Containing 50% of Alpaca and 50% of virgin merino sheep wool, it’s breathable and luxurious. Double-side brushing makes it soft, skin-friendly. Additionally, machine wash is acceptable, of course, delicate and in cold water.

5. Poyet-Motte Aubisque: Best Heavy Wool Blankets

Do you live in a northern state with cold, ocean or continental climate? During your snowy, frigid winter nights, you need ultimate warmth and insulation. High-performance, durable cover from Poyet-Motte is solid and heavy-weight. It keeps you toasty warm and cozy in the harshest weather conditions.

Poyet-Motte is a reputed, family-owned company. It produces top-quality bed linen accessories in a mill near Lyon, France since 1839. Their product range is not wide, but impressive. It includes pillows, quilts, comforters and protective fitted sheets. All of these products are eco-responsible. They meet the highest European purity standards.

Most of Poyet-Motte blankets and quilts are still synthetic. Being perfectly soft and fluffy, they contain polyester, fleece and microfiber. Only several virgin wool blankets are available. Of course, Aubique is not the most heavyweight, thick or soft. But it’s an absolute Poyet-Motte brand best-seller.

Outstanding Features

Aubisque blanket is the product you would use only in winter. If you live in Maine, Alaska or Minnesota, it might be your choice. This thick blanket lets you save on heating, reducing electricity bills. It’s thick, insulative and heavy-weight.

Aubisque stands out by:

  • 500 g/m2weight;
  • fine, 33-micron fiber thickness;
  • 100% virgin wool;
  • 2-sides brushing;
  • neat, double-stitched (3 seams) satin binding;
  • crisp, mitered corners;
  • Woolmark certification.

The blanket is reversible, twin-colored. It means bottom side is a bit lighter by color than exterior. This amazing cover is pliable, tightly-woven and durable. Unique anti-pilling finish prolongs its lifespan. So, you can wash it in your machine in cold water. Line drying is still necessary.

  • thick;
  • insulative, toasty;
  • durable;
  • soft, puffy;
  • easy-to-clean.
  • synthetic edge binding material;
  • may shed a bit.


Aubisque blanket by Poyet-Motte is thick and heavy-weight. It’s about as rough as any wool cover. But it’s perfectly pliable and beautiful by color and trimming. Additionally, Aubisque is durable and machine-washable.

Buyers’ Guide

Are you fixing to buy a new warm coverlet? It’s a wise decision. If you live in a cold, northern area, it’s essential. Will you need it in a state with mild, dry winters, like Texas? Of course, you will. A comfortable cover lets you save on heating. In the fall, you’ll even be able to open windows and get a breath of fresh air.

Do you still hesitate which option to select? Consider natural materials. Your best blankets for winter consist of wool. This perfect fiber is:

  • breathable;
  • moisture-wicking;
  • temperature-regulating;
  • elegant;
  • eco-friendly and sustainable;
  • dur

Woolen underlays and covers are helpful even for newborn babies. According to Woolmark, they let infants sleep more soundly and peacefully. Recent study proves that merino wool promotes faster sleep. Above all, natural wood fibers are renewable: sheep and alpaca animals grow them year-round. Plus, getting a shearing won’t hurt them in any way. Sheep even like it, as the process prevents overheating. Virgin wool vs wool is not recycled. Shearers take them from the first lamb’s die-cutting. Therefore, these fibers are the softest and finest.

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Which Material Provides Warmth even when Wet?

Wool blankets are essential in cold areas. It’s about as warm as goose down. Natural materials provide perfect insulation: but wool is still breathable. It doesn’t trap air, allowing you to feel toasty, but comfortable. Are you a hot sleeper? When you sweat, wool cover wicks moisture, keeping you dry and cozy.

These perfect natural fibers keep you warm even in the rain. American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) has studied their properties. It states that wool absorbs up to 30% of its own weight, without feeling wet. Your warm covering lets moisture evaporate naturally. This way, it regulates heat, promoting sound sleep.

What about the washability? You might prefer modern bedding linen products. Best soft blankets for warmer conditions consist of synthetic materials, like fleece. They are beneficially:

  • lightweight;
  • compact;
  • smooth, plush to touch;
  • fast-drying;
  • durable and easy-to-wash.

Are wool blankets washable? Of course, they are delicate. Wool doesn’t dry right quick, like polyester. But don’t hurry up to use dry cleaning services. Modern innovative technologies do wonders.

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How Do You Wash a 100% Wool Blanket?

In comparison with goose down, wool is much easier to clean. Firstly, these coverlets resist odors. Secondly, they are not prone to damage or stains. But on the other hand, you should avoid heat exposure: it would destroy fine wool fibers. Shrinkage and piling issues are also possible.

Thus, you don’t have to wash your warm blankets often. First of all, you can ventilate them outdoors to recreate wool fibers. Brushing with a soft brush or sponge would be also helpful. It loosens and removes dirt, soil and dust. Brushed covering surfaces become smoother and softer.

How to wash alpaca wool blanket? It’s stronger and more durable than merino wool. Alpaca resists abrading and pilling pretty well. Is your luxurious warm blanket heavily stained? Wash it gently and carefully. Therefore:

  • shake it to loosen debris;
  • spot-clean stains, using lukewarm water and mild detergent;
  • let your cover soak in cold water for 10-15 minutes;
  • place it in your powerful washing machine;
  • select delicate or gentle cycle;
  • use mild liquid detergent;
  • let your wool coverlet air dry.

Washing cycle should last no more than 20 minutes. Then shake the blanket to reshape it and remove excess moisture. Don’t wring out or agitate it. Lay it flat or hang to dry. Use towels to absorb water. Try to avoid direct sunlight, as it may cause fabric fading and stiffness. Then brush your fluffy coverlet and store it in an airtight container.

Bottom Line

Warm, insulative wool blankets can be machine-washable. Eco-wise blanket by Pendleton is soft, relatively lightweight and decorative. Striped Alpaca cover is durable, suitable for outdoor use. So is Arcturus Military blanket. It’s cozy and hard-wearing.