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best percale sheets reviewsBedding plays a significant role not only on the wholesome look of the bedroom interior but also on the quality of your sleep. If you want to feel cool and crisp in summer and have durable bedding. That gets softer after every new wash, it is time to buy the best percale sheets. We offer a detailed and objective overview of quality sheets.

If ‘percale’ is a new term to you and you wish to learn ‘what is cotton percale?’, let’s consider in brief what it is. Percale sheet is a cotton sheet characterized by a special tight weave. It originates from India and has been greatly appreciated both in Europe and America. The basic of this weave a huge number of fibers – minimum 180 per inch – used to constitute a quality fabric and the more of them there are, the softer and smoother percale sheet you get. However, if the number of fibers exceeds 400, many manufacturers add other flexible fibers to prevent the fabric from wrinkling. Now you can easily answer ‘what is percale cotton fabric?’ and what differs good percale fabric from low-quality one.

Which One Top Percale Sheets in 2024

#1. Peru Pima 415
  • Sizes - Twin, twin XL, full, queen,
    king,California king
  • Colors - White, zarek, ivory, latte,
    beluga, valery
  • Number of pieces in set - 4
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#2. Pinzon 300-Thread-Count
  • Sizes - Twin, full, twin XL,
    queen, king, California king
  • Colors - Ivory, platinum,
    spa blue, straw, white
  • Number of pieces in set - 4
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#3. Mellanni 100% Cotton
  • Sizes - Full, queen, king,
    California king
  • Colors - White, ivory, gray,
    light gray
  • Number of pieces in set - 4
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#4. Rajlinen Ultra 4 PCs
  • Sizes - Twin XL, full, full-XL,
    short queen, queen, king,
    California king, RV king
  • Colors - White, dark gray, light blue,
    light gray, navy blue, taupe
  • Number of pieces in set - 4
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#5. Linen Home 100% Cotton
  • Sizes - Twin, full, queen, king
  • Colors - White, silver, taupe, sage, ivory
  • Number of pieces in set - 4
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#6. Kotton Culture Premium
  • Sizes - Twin, full, twin XL, queen,
    king,California king, Olympic Queen
  • Colors - 29 COLOURS
  • Number of pieces in set - 4
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Percale sheet sets have a number of benefits over sheets made from other fabrics, so it is a necessity to obtain a high-quality and long-lasting cotton percale bed linen choosing one from the top-rated models offered below.

1. Peru Pima 415 Thread Count – 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton – Splendid Cotton Percale Sheets

best rated cotton percale sheets reviewsFor people who are not experts in percale sheet sets, it would be interesting to know that extra-long-staple Pima cotton and premium Egyptian percale sheet set are a guarantee of the highest quality of the products with this tight weave. No wonder this Peru Pima sheet set has a rather big 415 thread count that is a proof of the premium quality. One more point in favor of this sheet set can be added thanks to the recognition of this 100% cotton by the most renowned hotels that order this bedding for their clients. It means that a 5-star quality of the linen is guaranteed.

These sheet sets are manufactured by the best craftsmen in Peru. This country is known all around the globe for the highest quality of cotton produced. It is very soft, durable and resistant to different negative influences. An exclusive weave also guarantees a luxurious look, little weight, and cool feel even in the heat.

Useful information

Peruvian Pima cotton has been considered a noble fiber since ancient times, and today its unique qualities have not changed. A wonderful sheen and unforgettable touch are its main and persuasive characteristics. This great value of the cotton is achieved due to an extra-long staple length that allows creating a silky effect and guaranteeing extended durability.  Moreover, people harvest this cotton by hands so it does not loses its brilliant white shade that is perfect for absorbing colors. Forget about pilling, fading and get a superior sleep being wrapped in the luxurious bedding. These 4-piece sheet sets are available in 6 muted colors to create a tranquil atmosphere in your bedroom.

  • Luxurious quality;
  • Resistant to pilling and fading;
  • Lightweight;
  • Super soft and crisp;
  • Long-lasting;
  • Cool;
  • Deep pockets;
  • Beautifully packaged.
  • Shrink a bit after washes.


Lovely, amazing, top-quality are only some of the epithets that describe these crisp percale sheet sets. Made of exclusive Peruvian Pima cotton with 415 thread count its luxurious quality is preferred even by recognized premium hotels. If you want to feel royal when you sleep in your bed, enjoy wonderful softness for a long time and get a cool and fresh sleep, these sheet sets have been created for you.

2. Pinzon 300-Thread-Count – Superb Cotton Percale Sheets

best cotton percale sheets reviewsAs you have learned nice percale sheet sets should have a high thread count, so this Pinzon 300-thread sheet set is one of the most appreciated by many buyers. The fabric is crisp to touch and may seem stiff when you touch a new percale sheet. However, only after the first wash, you will see that this material gets softer and will continue to become more pleasant to your skin with every wash.

Such a big number of threads per inch makes the linen smooth, cool and breathable. It is a perfect choice for summer nights when you die of heat and stuffiness.

The sheet set consists of 4 pieces: a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases. They are available in 6 sizes and 5 beautiful colors to match your bedroom interior. There is a 6-inch hem on the flat percale sheet and pillowcases for durability.

Interesting characteristics

Made of 100% the range of percale sheet sets from Pinzon brand are produced on OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory for every textile product to meet the tough environment and safety standards.

You will love the way of maintaining these sheet sets clean as they can be washed in the warm water with mild soap and tumble dried.

It is always reasonable to pay attention to the products of excellent quality and Pinzon percale sheet sets are undoubtedly so. Improve your summer night sleep with cool and attractive cotton sheet sets with a uniquely smooth and silky weave.

  • Soft;
  • Long-lasting;
  • Multiple sizes;
  • Lightweight;
  • Comfortable;
  • An elastic all the way around on the fitted sheet;
  • Crisp;
  • Made of natural cotton.
  • Gets wrinkled.


To get a full answer to the question ‘what is percale bedding?’, it is better to try once rather than explain for hours. Pinzon brand offers excellent sheet sets made of 100% to guarantee you a deep and cool summer night sleep on a daily basis. You will be hugged by a soft and lightweight linen and feel cozy and comfortable.

3. Mellanni 100% Cotton – Most Luxury Percale Sheets

best luxury percale sheets reviewsMellanni brand is one of the premium textile companies that are proud of the products they create. All bed sheet sets offered by the brand guarantee the utmost comfort to every person, and a percale sheet takes one of the leading positions among them.

Made of 100% OEKO Tex certified cotton all percale sheet sets are not only breathable and pleasant to touch but also absolutely safe for the health of people sleeping on it. Free of any chemicals and artificial fibers the following sheet sets feature a 300 thread count percale. They are resistant to fading and guarantee a luxurious feel when you lie on them. Get a boost of energy due to a better sleep on the crisp and airy sheet with exceptional characteristics.

The sheet sets are available in 4 sizes and 4 basic colors. They consist of 4 pieces: a flat sheet, a fitted sheet with elastic all around and 2 pillowcases. The main features that differ this sheet set from others is a deep pocket and amazing quality. Ease of care is another great advantage: use cold water, a gentle set, and low tumble dry and your percale sheet will provide you with an excellent sleep for many years. Moreover, it will remain attractive and bright thanks to non-fading characteristics as well.

Useful accessories

Mellanni sheet sets are versatile as can be used in different rooms and make up a nice gift for people of any gender and age. The bedding is lightweight and extremely soft, especially after several washes, they are a perfect choice for hot sleepers and people who require durable linen.

  • Comfortable;
  • Soft;
  • Long-lasting;
  • Fade-resistant;
  • Lightweight;
  • Cool;
  • Smooth;
  • Versatile.
  • Gets wrinkled;
  • Stiff before being washed for several times.


For people who can not decide between percale vs linen bedding, it is worth noting that both these materials are natural. But Mellanni percale sheet sets differ from other linen in their durability and softness. A unique tight weave allows having a feeling as if you sleep in a 5-star hotel. So relax and get energy for the next day.

4. Rajlinen Ultra Soft Cozy – Excellent Organic Sheets

best organic sheets reviewsIf you still have not fallen in love with percale sheet sets, it is time to try an ultra soft linen from Rajlinen brand. Like many other sheet sets, it consists of flat and fitted sheets, 2 pillow covers and offers you a range of colors to match your interior. You can dive into an awesome navy blue or feel like in a paradise wrapped in solid white: the palette is rather interesting and appealing.

The fabric the sheet sets are sewn from is 100% cotton with a fascinating percale weave. It makes them comfortable, refreshing and breathable. At the same time, it still looks shiny and lustrous adding a hint of luxury to your bedroom design.

What makes this linen outstanding? Of course, it is a diversity of sheet set sizes: you can get a perfectly fitting sheet even if your bed size is not standard. In addition, there is an elastic all around to keep the sheet firmly on the mattress.

Interesting benefits

These finely woven Rajlinen sheet sets have a rumpled lived-in look when you spend a night on them after washing. All that happens because of the tightly woven fibers subjected to wrinkling. But in fact, it creates a lively and natural atmosphere in your home unlike one of the hotel rooms. The cotton is not a demanding fabric so you can wash it cold on a gentle cycle and tumble dry it low and get fresh linen without much effort.

Enjoy the utmost softness, cool effect and wonderful breathability with amazing percale sheet sets of the best quality.

  • Cool and crisp;
  • Breathable;
  • Safe for a washing machine;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Deep pockets;
  • Withstands years of everyday use;
  • Comfortable;
  • Are characterized by shining experience;
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Get wrinkled.


If you are interested ‘what does percale mean in sheets?’, Rajlinen brand will show it to you in practice. When you lie on this very soft and cool sheets, you feel thick tightly woven fibers that create a crisp feel. It is exactly the thing called percale and valued by people who enjoy sleeping on old high-quality Grandma’s linen. Revive your excellent kid’s sleep thanks to these mesmerizing sheet sets.

5. Linen Home 100% Cotton – Quality Wrinkle-Free Cotton Percale Sheets

best wrinkle free cotton percale sheets reviewsLinen Home is a brand that takes care of the better tomorrow living and offers sheet sets of the premium quality produced according to OEKO-Tex guidelines. The percale sheet set offered here is one of the best examples of bedding sold in the market. It is made of 100% and features a unique tight weave with the thread count of 200 fibers per each square inch. It makes the linen crisp and is a guarantee of its longevity.

The long-staple cotton yarns are woven into a premium fabric in India and such a type of cotton fibers make the final product incredibly soft and strong. Linen Home company puts much effort to offer high-quality sheet sets to their customers. Every percale sheet undergoes a number of tests to prevent the linen from pilling, fading, too much shrinking and improve its durability. Moreover, there is a deep pocket and elastic all around to guarantee a perfect fit on any mattress.

Additional information

You will also love the simplicity of cleaning these sheet sets as they are safe for washing machine. It is enough to switch on the gentle cycle with warm water and use tumble dry low to get an efficient wash.

Be confident that you will love all percale sheet sets from Linen Home brand more after every new wash as it will get softer and never lose their luxurious airy feel and excellent look.

  • Unconditional replacement promise;
  • Crisp and soft;
  • Long-lasting;
  • Excellent fit;
  • Versatile;
  • Ease of care;
  • Strong fine cotton fabric;
  • Safe for health.
  • Coarse if used for the first time;
  • Get wrinkled after sleep.


If you can not forget that unique feel of comfortable linen from your childhood, it is useless to choose between percale sheets vs sateen ones. The pleasure and cool effect for a deeper sleep are guaranteed only by high-quality sheet sets from Linen Home brand. Premium cotton treated according to the latest standards is very durable and soft, so there is no sense to look for anything better.

6. Kotton Culture Luxurious Set – A Luxurious Sheet Set for All-Year-Round Comfort

luxury sheet sets reviewThe Kotton Culture sheet set is made of high-quality 100% Egyptian cotton. The fabric is luxurious to the touch, but strong and durable at the same time. This set consists of standard elements: a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. Noteworthy, even the twin set includes two pillowcases, unlike most other brands that come with only one.

The greatest thing about this set is a broad palette of colors. This product is available in 29 colors, including complicated hues, such as peach, moss green, Mediterranean blue, parrot green, and brick red.

Features and Specifications

  1. 1000 TC.
  2. 100% Egyptian cotton.
  3. 4-piece set.
  4. 29 colors.
  5. Made in India.
  • Because of the close weave sheets are rather rough. On the bright side, they are supposed to get softer after several washes.


This percale sheet set is perfect for year-round use. The fabric is breathable, smooth and durable. The quality of stitching is rather high too, so one can expect these sheets to last for years to come. The fabric might seem somewhat stiff at once, but that is typical of brand new cotton fabric.

Percale Sheet Sets for Kids

100% cotton is a natural and ultra-soft material that is safe for gentle baby skin. No wonder that a perfect choice of bedding for a baby crib will be percale sheet sets from the recognized manufacturers.

1. QuickZip Crib Sheet Set – Good Organic Crib Sheets

best organic crib sheets reviewsA crib sheet set from QuickZip will make your baby sleep better on hot summer nights. Made of 100% preshrunk cotton it is produced in the USA. It is absolutely safe and will stay perfect on the mattress thanks to a zip provided.

That is achieved thanks to a unique patented SecureFit Wraparound Base design. And even regular baby movements will not prevent it from staying firm. You can choose sheet sets of the necessary color and pattern to match your nursery from a variety of examples offered in the market.

The sheet is compatible with any mattress size and available not only in cotton but also in the combination of cotton and mink.

2. American Baby Company 100% Cotton Percale 4-piece Toddler Bedding Set – Super Organic Crib Bedding

best organic crib bedding reviewsImprove your toddler night sleep thanks to the right choice of the linen. Made of 100% this percale sheet set will not only guarantee a cooler and airy atmosphere but also will adorn every bed.

Suitable both for standard toddler and crib mattresses the 4-piece set includes a comforter, a top fitted sheet with the elastic all around, a bottom fitted sheet and a pillowcase.

The sheet sets are sold in the following color combinations as:

  1. Blue,
  2. Celery,
  3. Gray Lattice,
  4. Pink,
  5. Royal,
  6. Lavender Dots.

They are simple in maintenance and rather durable, let alone being super soft. It is the best organic cotton toddler bedding.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose Percale Sheet Sets

It is not a problem to find a place where to buy good percale sheets. The main challenge is to choose a sheet set that will improve your sleep and offer you an outstanding experience. That is why it is important to follow several simple tips:

  1. Prefer a percale sheet to sateen one as it is thicker, natural and more durable.
  2. Consider the thread account in all the sheet sets: it must be more than 180 and the higher it is, the more quality fabric weave there is.
  3. Think if the absence of wrinkles is significant to you as percale sheets get wrinkled.
  4. Wash sheet sets in cold or warm water on a gentle cycle and use low tumble dry. With every new wash, the sheet sets will get softer.
  5. Think is you like sleeping on a crisp, airy and soft linen as percale sheet sets are definitely so.

Conclusion: What Best Percale Sheets

Percale sheet sets have been appreciated by many people who appreciate the quality and durability of the linen. They are so soft and strong that are often compared to old comfortable bedding used by our grannies many years ago. Moreover, these are only percale sheet sets that are ordered by the most famous hotels to guarantee perfect sleep for their guests. Now it is time for every person to enjoy the royal linen used by wealthy people and choose one of the top-rated percale sheet sets offered above.