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If you are a house-proud person, your daily chores shouldn’t be heavy. Do you have to tidy your rooms? Come hell or high water, you do it sometimes. With modern domestic appliances and mops, it’s as easy as pie. Making your house stylish is a pure delight. What size is a throw blanket? Chic and versatile bedroom accessories complement your house interior. They add color and texture to its neutral décor. Which one to choose? It depends on its application, your furniture type, and climate. Your room style also matters. Do you guess all covers are of the same size? A variety of perfect options are available. So, let me suggest to you how to size and use them.

What is a Throw Blanket?

Summer offers us amazing opportunities. Multiple outdoor activities, like camping, hunting, and rock climbing are available. Are you fixing to have vacations right now? Don’t miss your chance to travel and party. In fall, you come back home, to daily life and common chores.

No doubt, comfort, and warmth are necessary for winter. Do you live in a northern state? A blanket is essential during chilly or freezing nights. Soft and cozy covers don’t let you catch cold asleep. Throw blankets are whole nother. These perfect accessories are pretty:

  • versatile;
  • functional;
  • cozy;
  • appealing.

In Texas, fall is pretty warm and sunny. The shoulder season soothes us with comfortable, mild temperatures. Do you need a throw blanket when the temperatures are at the 70s-80s degrees? Use it as a decorative element. Its practical and aesthetic characteristics are impressive. It’s ornamental and eye-catching, easy on your pocket and on your eye.

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Do You Need a Large Throw Blanket?

Any time, any weather, your soft, functional accessories are essential. If it’s not too cold, single-layer covers are beneficial. They are comparatively lightweight and thin. Multiple fluffy and non-pilling options are available. Are these room décor elements big? It depends on the way you are fixing to use them.

The cover’s size, as well as its name, shouldn’t be confusing. A short throw blanket size chart clarifies the matter.

Throw Blanket TypeSize, in.Application
Small (throw) 36*50chair, sofa, armchair
Standard 50*60bed accent
Oversized 60*70 snuggling and snoozing

A throw blanket might be as easy as a throw. Toss it over a couch or a chair. It would fit your sofa or chair arms. Fold it neatly at the end of your cozy bed, or drape it anywhere. The smallest throw blankets may serve as motor robes. Do you carry them long in your car? Outdoors, during a picnic, the covers are essential. Meanwhile, your versatile accessories are necessary at home.

Creative Ways to Use Your Throw Blankets

Your beautiful, versatile accessory is opportune virtually anywhere. Fixing to have a camping trip, you would put it into your caravan. Featuring a handy carrier or carrying bag, the throws are easy to pack and transport. Have you ever ridden a horse? Call it a saddle blanket, if you put it over a horse’s back.

How big is a small throw blanket? As compact as luxurious throws, they are easy to fold. Measuring 50*36 inches or so, these colorful accessories are handy. When the nights in your region are not chilly yet, put your throw blankets aside. Keep them easily:

  • at the foot of your soft bed;
  • near your fireplace;
  • inside wicker or woven basket;
  • on the top of a coffee or console table.

When the weather is windy in winter, throw blankets are necessary. You would use them outdoors, wrapping them around your neck and shoulders. Watching TV, take them to cover your legs. It lets you feel much cozier, at all events.

ways to use your throw blankets at home

How to Tell a Throw Blanket Apart?

Bedding accessories are versatile and diverse. They serve similar purposes but in different ways. Some of them are colorful and bright. They add texture and statement to your cozy house. Durable covers protect your bed and sheets from spills, stains, and pet hair.

Warmth and fresh look are obvious. The difference between throw and blanket is noticeable. It lies in sizes, uses and materials. Throw blanket is not a hybrid, consisting of eclectic features. It’s a separate accessory that stands out by:

  • rectangular or square shape;
  • warm, vibrant colors;
  • distinctive patterns;
  • cute fringe at narrow or short edges.

Blankets are large and luxurious. Their basic purpose is to provide extra warmth. Besides, these perfect accessories tend to be soft and fluffy, and pretty large and oblong. The blanket covering your bed meets your sleep needs. In terms of colors, it might be simple, minimalist. Monochrome and soft pastel solutions are popular. Materials and textiles also matter.

How Big is a Blanket?

These functional pieces of bedding won’t decorate your house. They find a place only in your bedroom. They are modest, unpretentious, but practical. Restful, subtle and soothing shades are beneficial. They help you to reduce stress and fall asleep right quick.

Blankets are warm and cozy as all git-out. Meanwhile, they are to cover your bed or your body completely. What are the measurements of a king size blanket? It is to be a bit larger than your mattress. Approximate sizes are visually compelling.

TypeMattress Size, in.Blanket Size, in.
Twin 38*7565*90
Double 53*75 85*90
Queen 60*80 90*95
King 76*80108*100

Standard sizes and dimensions streamline your shopping procedure. If it’s not your first rodeo, your bed and mattress type is clear. A blanket is to be much larger. It should be enough to drape the cloth over the sides and tuck it in. Your age and bodily constitution may also matter.

Baby Blankets and Toddler Comforters: Ages and Sizes

Small, cute and soft blankets exist. You would use them to soothe your babies from infancy. They provide pleasant warmth in a cool, air-conditioned nursery. Sense of comfort and security is essential in childhood. Cool to touch, natural materials stimulate tactile development.

Pleasant colors and textures ensure visual stimulation. Shopping online or locally, you distinguish kid blankets by types, such as:

  • lovey;
  • baby;
  • premie;
  • stroller;
  • crib.

Varying from 14*16” to 30*36”, kid blanket dimensions are standard. They depend on the application and the child’s age. According to the AAP Association, after the first year of life is completely safe. You may use them for swaddling your tiny tot or as stuffed animals.

What about thick, fluffy covers? The difference between comforter and blanket is in layers and warmth. Meanwhile, comforter sizes are not standardized. Accessories for toddlers come in a range of widths and lengths. It depends on the brand. Falling into the same category, like a crib, twin or double, comforters may differ in size.

what size is standard throw blankets

What Size is a Standard Throw Blanket?

Choosing a comforter that fits your bed might be tricky. Most importantly, you won’t identify its dimensions by its type: exact measurements are necessary. Your warm, fluffy bedroom accessory might be pretty long and wide. Keep in mind that its corners shouldn’t touch the floor, that’s it.

Meanwhile, the comforter is to cover the mattress completely. Its thickness varies from 9 to 12 inches. The frame should be also invisible to provide a seamless look. Matching a comforter to the sheets might be challenging too. So, it’s easier to buy them together, as a set.

A standard throw blanket is 50*60 inches large. Is a twin blanket bigger than a throw? Obviously, it is. But it doesn’t matter if you use your throw blanket to cover:

  • a part of your body;
  • your legs and feet;
  • bed foot area;
  • a compact sofa or chair.

Throw blanket dimensions are not exact. They shouldn’t exceed 54 inches in width. Accessories that are 72”-long are acceptable. Will you measure them? No way, as throw blankets shouldn’t fit your bed. They don’t have to cover the mattress completely.

What is a Good Size for a Throw Quilt?

If you want to decorate your living room, the sky is the limit. Multiple great accessories are available. Pillows, lampshades, artworks, and photos make it special. Most importantly, they are to match your color scheme, looking stylish. This way, you personalize your space, making it cozy.

What size throw blanket should you choose for a king bed? The approach gives you free rein to try things out. Any accessory, small or large suits the application. But you would rather use a decorative cover in a hall or living room. So is a multilayer textile, such as a quilt.

As well as a throw blanket, this amazing bed cover is:

  • functional;
  • decorative;
  • stylish;
  • warm and cozy.

Both traditional artworks and modern products are available. Consisting of 3 textile layers, these weird covers are warm. Meanwhile, they comply with the same size standards as blankets. A throw or “couch “quilt is about 45*45 inches. Use it to snuggle or cover your compact furniture.

what is good size for throw quilt blanket

How to Style and Decorate Your Home?

Renovation is a time-consuming, complex process. Even if your apartment is small, it takes not less than a month. No doubt, you won’t do it frequently. Does your old furniture require replacement? It would cost a fortune. But you can make your space look fresh every season.

How comes? Just change its décor, adding some throw blankets, pillows and rugs. In your bedroom, it might be opportune. What about 50 x 60 throw blanket fits? What size bed will it cover? It goes across the bottom. Any bed that is no wider than 60 inches would get complete coverage.

King size furniture gets a corner drape only. Artistic or traditional quilts complement the look. In your living room, use any of creative theme ideas, like:

  • historic;
  • ocean;
  • country;
  • traditional.

Before a holiday, such as Halloween or Thanksgiving Day, make a special display. Above all, hang your heirloom or antique quilt on the wall. After that, complement it by matching throw blankets. Add one or two bright spots and conduct a party.

Throw Blankets: Sizes and Materials

Are you fixing to buy a gift for your college or a friend member? A throw blanket is always on target. It doesn’t require to fit your bed or sofa dimensions. So, sizing is provisional. Driving at personal needs, you may wish to buy a larger snuggling accessory. It would suit an athletic-built, corn-fed person. A smaller one would fit a petite lady or a child.

Color, pattern and design matter. What about the material? If you buy a blanket or a comforter, it might be critical. They are to cover you, providing desirable warmth and comfort. Your favorite wool blanket that can be washed is essential in cold regions. You would initially consider natural material, like:

  • cotton;
  • linen;
  • silk;
  • bamboo.

In summer, these bedding options are preferable. Airy, breathable covers don’t make you sweat at night. Are you a hot sleeper? A lightweight, cooling blanket grants you a pleasant cocooned feeling. Skin-friendly, hypoallergenic fabrics are beneficial. Touching them 7-8 hours every night, you are to keep healthy. Throw blankets are a different story.

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What is the Softest Material for a Throw Blanket?

Thick, cushioned comforters are fluffy. Do you live in a cold state like Alaska or Minnesota? In winter, the extreme cold would make you opt for warm, insulative options. Your cozy, multi-layer covers may come with goose down, feathers or wool. This way, you may save on heating, keeping your stylish bedroom cooler.

Throw blankets are different. These decorative and ornamental products are outstanding. Serving your room enriching needs, they are perfectly:

  • lightweight;
  • durable;
  • easy-to-maintain;
  • practical;
  • luxurious.

Have you got a dog or a cat? I hope you won’t use your cherished throw blanket as a pet bed. Above all, it’s too beautiful and colorful to do it. It would still protect your furniture from pet hair and scratches. Spills and stains are also undesirable.

Lasting, practical fabrics like polyester and acrylic are popular. Do you want to avoid piling, wrinkling and lint accumulation? Anyway, your handy covers are to be healthy. Even if for a short time, they touch your bare skin. No lining, like a sheet or duvet cover, is available.

what is softest material for blanket

Natural Vs. Synthetic Throw Blankets

Every fabric you touch at night is to be breathable, soft and healthy. Sleepwear and bedding fiber type determines your body sweat evaporation loss. Tactile sensations matter. What about your cozy throw blankets? Casually, you would use them no more than 2-3 hours a day.

Are you fixing to use them in your bedroom? During the chilliest winter nights, they provide additional insulation. Where will you place them? Shorter and smaller throw blankets won’t cover your whole body. At your bed-foot, on a pile of other bedding accessories, any warm aid is helpful.

Both fluffy look and premium washability matter. So are tactile sensations. Thus, your best soft cozy blankets may consist of:

  1. Microfiber.
  2. Plush.
  3. Sherpa.
  4. Cashmere.

Fuzzy, luxurious solutions are beneficial. They look showy, like if you are in tall cotton. Modern synthetic materials are pretty affordable and easy to clean. Consisting of 2 layers of fabric, fleece, and microfiber, blankets are toasty warm. Additionally, they are comfortable and soft against your skin. How comes? Advanced technologies work miracles.

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Are Heavy-Duty, Durable Throw Blankets Skin-friendly?

Any day, any season, you can develop your artistic taste. Look around. Does your habitual room look dull or gloomily? A couple of playful, bright accent elevates its design. Styles and colors matter. What are your favorite throw blanket patterns? Plaids and stripes are the most common.

Thin, single-layer covers may look pretty weird. Knit throw blankets are chunky and cozy. Both handmade and store-bought items symbolize cozy, at-home warmth. Shimmering or glossy options like velvet are gorgeous and trendy. Being away from public places, you might compromise fancies.

Softness and silky feel are primary. What is brushed microfiber? These perfect throw blankets are:

  • thin;
  • durable;
  • lightweight;
  • flexible;
  • wrinkle-resistant.

Tightly woven covers are beneficial. Outdoors and in messy spots of your house, they let you avoid spills. Top-quality products are fluffy and soft. Extra-fine fibers make the surface resistant to pilling and wrinkling. Microfiber feels warmer than conventional fabrics. Additionally, it’s breathable and moisture absorbing.

Luxurious Wraps and Their Beauty

Do you like plush, microfiber and fleece fabrics? Their delicate, soft touch is impeccable. Top-quality, modern throw blankets are hypoallergenic and cozy. Their silky-smooth, velvety fibers are unique. Featuring a long, soft nap, it retains air inside, providing excellent thermo-regulation.

Meanwhile, usability and practical issues have become primary nowadays. Will you use luxurious mink throw blankets at home? Adding class to your living room, they help you to beat the cold and chill. Natural mink is luxurious but expensive. Won’t you feel sorry for these small, fluffy creatures?

The best faux fur throw for sofa looks virtually the same, being:

  • easier to clean;
  • warm;
  • reversible;
  • cuddly;
  • fluffy.

You can get the desired look at a much more affordable cost. I hope you don’t want to harm animals. If you are a vegan or not, it’s cruel. Faux fur is a real thing! It doesn’t shed, remaining soft and shiny for years. Wash your luxurious throw in cold water, using mild detergents. If it fits your machine, you are lucky. Dry cleaning and handwashing are good alternative solutions.

Bottom Line

Warm and decorative throw blankets are to be always at hand. Indoors and outdoors, in your bedroom and hall, they are useful. Various colorful, patterned and solid color options are available. Each of them might become a perfect gift for Christmas or Thanksgiving Day. Choosing and sizing them is not tricky. Any covers, small, standard, and large are suitable. They don’t have to fit any furniture dimensions. Your body build may matter, but it’s not primary. What about your climate? The range of materials is wide. Choose any one you like, considering the throw blanket application and use. Colors and textures are a matter of taste. So, make your well-informed choice. Get a perfect decorative accessory and enjoy its pleasant warmth.