Oh, these terrible sweaty nights! Summer is coming soon. It’s time to think about the bedding. Would you buy a flannel in the summer? Why? Is it not designed for cold winter nights? Is this fabric not too hot? So, let’s find out what is flannelette sheets.

what is flannelette sheets

What is Flannelette Bedding?

Are you going to buy the sheets for night sweats? Flannelette ones can suit you. Why? They are actually lightweight and soft.

Well, flannelette can be missed up with flannel. The names are very similar. However, heavyweight flannel sheets are really warm and thick. They are made of wool. What a terrible thing for summer! Do you live in Florida or California? I guess, you wouldn’t use this insulating fabric even in winter.

As for me, I am not a cool sleeper. Here, in Texas, I wouldn’t use these fuzzy bedding accessories. Flannelette is a different story. This fabric is:

  • made of cotton;
  • soft;
  • fuzzy;
  • comfortable;
  • luxurious;
  • lightweight.

The sheets are napped on one side. They are thick, that’s right. However, why don’t you use flannel sheets in summer? It would let you avoid a comforter. You would feel cozy. Some warmth during the cool nights is still necessary.

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Is Flannelette the Same as Brushed Cotton?

Flannelette bedding is commonly called brushed cotton. It stands out by a soft, smooth finish. All excess fibers and lint are removed. The napped surface of flannelette can be exactly the same. This fabric still can be made of a cotton-poly blend. So, please, don’t forget to study the label.

Pros and Cons of Flannel Sheets

The very word “flannel” would remind you about the cold winter weather. These cozy bedding sets ensure the desired warmth. During a rainstorm or a blizzard, it’s great! You can snuggle between the fuzzy sheets. What a delight!

Thus, flannel sheets are:

  1. Comfortable;
  2. Warm;
  3. Soft;
  4. Easy to care.

Quite naturally, the best time to buy flannel sheets is in winter. You can wash them in hot or warm water. Anyway, it can ensure thorough cleaning. Tumble dry is recommended.

Flannel is not a fast-drying material. Ironing can be unnecessary. The fabric is wrinkle-resistant. Would you iron wool? However, flannel bedding is not always made of wool. It’s just a loosely woven fabric. Wool can be blended with cotton. Even some percent of synthetics is acceptable.

Are There Any Drawbacks of Flannel?

Flannel sheets are quite affordable. They can let you save on comforters or duvets. Heating bills can be also kept lower with them. However, these natural bedding sets aren’t the most durable.

Flannel is commonly prone to:

  • pilling;
  • wear;
  • shrinkage.

As any fabric, it can shrink after the first wash. Quite naturally, it depends on the sheets’ quality. Check the thread count number, if it’s available. Well, micro flannel sheets don’t have these downsides. They are made of polyester. So, they are lightweight and resistant to pilling. They can become your favorite cooling sheets for night sweats. However, these bedding sets are still soft and warm.

Meanwhile, low-quality flannel can be flammable. So, don’t place the heater too close to your cozy bed.

Are Flannel Sheets Breathable?

Why flannel sets are highlighted among the best sheets for night sweats? You are right. They are soft and healthy. What we treasure is out cherished health.

So, flannel sheets just trap your body heat. They let your skin breath. The reason is in the breathable weave. Flannel performs well in a wide temperature range. It’s not designed for warm or cold sleepers.

Using flannel sheets is better than increasing the temperature in your room.  These bedding accessories:

  • improve your sleep quality;
  • let you feel refreshed in the morning;
  • eliminate dehydration issues;
  • relieve arthritis and joints pain.

For example, according to the CDC Center, about 54.4 million adults in the USA suffer from arthritis. This disorder affects also about 300 thousand children. What a terrible thing! So, sleeping under flannel sheets keeps your joints warm through the night. Sinus infections and colds would be less probable, as well.

Are Flannelette Sheets Warmer?

Flannelette is also a good sheet material for night sweats. This fabric is definitely warmer than ordinary bedding made of polyester or cotton. Meanwhile, it’s not as warm as flannel. Flannel sheets are commonly napped on both sided. Flannelette fabric has a nap on only one side. So, this bedding can become all-weather. If it’s hot, just turn the sheet over, that’s all.

Flannelette Quality Chart

Unlike cotton sheets, flannel bedding sets are not tightly woven. Therefore, they are not usually characterized by thread count numbers. This information can be just not labeled. As flannelette is made of cotton, it may have it stated. However, it’s not common. Meanwhile, 200-400TC sheets are quite good.

Commonly, flannelette quality is estimated by weight. It’s measured in ounces per sq. yard or grams per sq. m.

FabricWeight, oz/yd2Gsm
Micro flannel4135.6

But for the weight, consider the country of origin. The flannelette sheets made in Portugal or Germany are rated high.

General Verdict and Recommendations

So, what is the best bedding for night sweats? It depends on your preferences. Meanwhile, even if you are a cool sleeper, you can use flannelette sheets in summer. They are comfortable, healthy and breathable. Do they have to last long? I guess, your health and feel are more important.