what does deep pocket sheets mean
This February is not typical in terms of weather. How do you tolerate deep freeze? Staying at home, you may take it as an extreme adventure. In a week or so, cold eases up. The weather will become as mild and warm as usually. Anyway, you are to sleep soundly at night. Suitable bedding accessories promote it. What does deep pocket sheets mean? They are essential to fit your thick mattress, stretch over its height, holding the corners. These handy sheets eliminate slipping off issues. Do you need these bedding accessories? Let’s discuss how to define it. This article helps you to choose the right ones and feel comfortable and easy.

What Does Extra Deep Pocket Sheets Mean?

I hope, severe weather doesn’t make you toss and torn at night. This February, an arctic outbreak is widespread across the USA. Even the southern tip of the Great Plains, Texas, survives bitterly cold weather. Freeze, winter storms and wind chill warnings might could make you stay at home.

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Anyway, you are to ensure your sleep and rest comfort. A thick mattress is one of the basic opportunities to do it. Does it feel warmer in winter? It’s quite possible. Above all, thick mattresses meet the needs of corn-fed, heavy-weight people. They are soft, hefty and durable.

Your sleeping position matters. But choose and buy your best deep pocket sheets to fit a thick mattress. These bedding accessories stand out by:

  • larger pockets;
  • fitted design;
  • stretchy edging;
  • elasticated corners.

Do you know how to keep fitted sheets tight? You’ll be in tall cotton if you estimate its size properly. Type, durability and fabric also matter.

how to keep fitted sheet tight

How Do I Know if I Need Deep Pocket Sheets?

You are to measure your accustomed mattress height and all its dimensions. Your new sheets are to accommodate it, fitting like a glove. Is it difficult? This task seems to be intuitive. But it’s not all that simple. Specifications on the packages differ. Manufacturers may indicate mattress height, pocket depth or its type only.

What sheets have the deepest pockets? Let’s delve into the terminology.

Mattress TypeMattress Thickness,”Common Applications or PreferencesSuitable Sheets TypePocket Depth, “
Low-profile 2-5 camping, bunk beds --
Thin 5-8 baby cribs, back sleeperslow-profile 7-10
Standard 8-12 family use, healthy people standard 10-14
Thick 12-20 heavy, corn-fed people, stomach sleepers deep-pocket 15-17
Extra thick 20 and above luxurious, large bedrooms extra deep pocket 18-24

Standard vs deep pocket sheets might be not only smaller by size. They may feature lower thread count. Intended to match thick, long-lasting mattresses fitted sheets are hard-wearing. They are durable and soft.

What is Pocket Depth on Fitted Sheets?

It’s a very important measurement. You may need bottom sheet to fit your mattress snugly. An elastic band holds it in place, preventing untucking or slipping issues. Even your kids that like jumping around on their beds are beyond danger. Elasticized corners eliminated risky tangling up incidents.

These bedding accessories are suitable for adult couples, as well. Realizing pros and cons of satin sheets, you’d like to alleviate their slippery character. You’d like to achieve snug fit of your sheets. Therefore, you should:

  1. Measure the mattress.
  2. Calculate the suitable pocket depth.
  3. Find the specification on the package.
  4. Match the measurements.

Don’t forget to consider the bed size itself. What are deep pocket queen sheets? They should accommodate 11”-20”-thick mattresses: king-size pads usually come with 12”-20”-thick edges. Twin beds may accommodate 5”-16” mattresses. Meanwhile, the size range is pretty wide. It might sophisticate sizing tasks.

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Can You Use Deep Pocket Sheets on a Regular Mattress?

General rule is simple: pocket depth should outstrip mattress thickness by 2 inches. Manufacturers may indicate these measurements as suitably matched. Does a 12-inch mattress need deep pocket sheets? Standard pocket sizes should match them.

Meanwhile, mattress thickness levels don’t match pocket depth specifications. There are only three established fitted sheet sizes, that is:

  1. Standard.
  2. Deep.
  3. Extra deep.

Plushness of mattress and fabric thickness matter. Microfiber vs flannel sheets are thinner and more lightweight. They are durable, easy to maintain. Buying microfiber fitted sheets, let this allowance be a bit smaller. Your warm and breathable flannel sheets for cold winter should be a bit larger.

Deep pocket sheets measure 15-inches only. Standard and extra deep accessories cover all other mattress dimensions. But the sheets should not be too tight. They would pop up at all corners. Additionally, it might be difficult to put them on. So you can buy larger sheets and adjust them. Treat them like common, flat bedding accessories. Tuck excess fabric on the corners. Otherwise, look for the exact pocket depth specification. If you shop online, it should be available.

extra deep pocket sheets meaning


Other Considerations

Bottom sheets are to be durable and reliable. They protect your mattress from dirt, moisture, normal tear and wear. On the other hand, they touch your skin. Softness and soft textures are essential. Meanwhile, don’t forget to consider other important factors, such as:

  • your climate;
  • bedding set application;
  • thread count;
  • feel and weave;
  • color and design;
  • breathability.

Your best sheets for summer should be breathable and lightweight. On the contrary, in winter, you need additional warmth and comfort. Going to make a luxurious gift, opt for natural and hypoallergenic top-quality materials. Everyday use may tolerate less expensive, but long-lasting, machine-washable fabrics.

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Pros and cons of silk sheets are evident. Analyzing them, you would buy luxury bedding sets for special occasions. Linen is preferable in summer, during exhausting heatwaves. When you are tuckered out, after a stressful day it soothes your sensitive skin. Cotton is an all-weather, versatile solution: it’s soft and moisture-wicking. But deep pocket bottom sheet design is beneficial. It holds fabric in place even when you toss and turn at night.

Bottom Line

Do you sleep on a thick mattress? If you are a feather-bedded person, you will. Lack of physical activity might could make you weak. Nevertheless, don’t worry. Choose, buy and use deep pocket sheets. They fit your mattress snugly, preventing tangling issues. Do you like smooth, lightweight fabrics, like silk? No big deal. Even if you are a restless sleeper, your sheets won’t slip off the mattress. Just measure and match them properly. Sleep soundly at night and keep well.