eucalyptus sheets vs bamboo sheets Summer is not only the time of vacations and live music festivals. July and August are hot and dry months in Texas. Now we need comfortable bedding, come hell or high water. It is to be natural, breathable, cooling, and soft. Fortunately, cotton is not the only fabric of this kind. Let’s compare eucalyptus sheets vs bamboo. Which material is healthier? Are any of these sheets more luxurious and eco-friendly than others? Learn more about their background, origin, benefits, and properties. Does it provoke your interest? If so, keep reading the article and shop for your bedding sets knowingly.

How to Improve Your Sleep Quality in Summer?

Summer is a challenging time for hot sleepers. That is, about 25% of people. Warm nights, when temperatures rarely drop below 70°F are stuffy. Even strong thunderstorms don’t provide a good cooling effect. Above all, they are not efficient enough to beat the heat. Consequently, it may interfere with your sleep quality.

Ambient temperature in your bedroom is important. Now you would think on how to keep fitted sheets tight. Mattress size and bedding quality matters. First of all, you’ll have to arrange proper cooling and ventilation in your house. Air circulation is essential.

How Can I Make my Body heat less?

To lower your body and skin temperature, consider:

  1. Using cooling bed sheets, mattresses, and pillows.
  2. Taking a warm bath about an hour before bed.
  3. Drinking a lot of cool water at daytime.
  4. Sipping it at night.
  5. Keeping a ceiling or portable fan on.

Find some time to slumber and relax. During summer heatwaves, avoid physical exercise, especially at night. It helps you to sleep well and recover.
how to keep fitted sheets tight on bed

Is Eucalyptus the Same as Bamboo?

Don’t forget about your sleepwear. It is to be lightweight, loose and comfortable. Top-quality fabrics, like cotton, silk or rayon are preferable. Sleeping naked can improve your cherished health.

Quite naturally, natural, organic sheets are essential. They are to be breathable, soft and cooling. Bedding fabrics are to wick moisture and prevent your body from overheating. What are your best sheets for night sweats? Let’s compare a couple of suitable options.

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Eucalyptus vs Bamboo vs Cotton

Development 1972 1905 5th century BC
Top Brand Tencel Lyocell Pima/Egyptian
Plant eucalyptus trees bamboo grass cotton bushes
Durability good, strong superior perfect
Comfort breathable, cooling smooth feelsoft, odor-resistant
Care fast-drying, color-fast machine-washable, prone to shrinkage gentle washing cycle, prone to wrinkling
Properties hydrophilic, antimicrobial antifungal, hypoallergenicbreathability, temperature regulation

Which is better: Tencel or bamboo sheets? Both fabrics are soft and comfortable. They are eco-friendly and breathable. But each of them has unique properties. It makes modern bedding options especially healthy and beneficial.

Are Eucalyptus Sheets Good?

Eucalyptus is a comparatively new material. LenzingFibres Inc. developed it in1972 and patented under Tencel brand name. Producers make fabric from eucalyptus trees cellulose. Above all, these plants grow in a clean environment without pesticides. They don’t need any irrigation.

So, eucalyptus origins sheets are beneficially:

  • eco-friendly;
  • breathable;
  • moisture-absorbing;
  • soft;
  • hypoallergenic.

Eucalyptus fabric surface is smooth and non-irritating. As well as bamboo, it becomes softer and smoother with every wash. The sheets are breathable and comfortable. Their hydrophilic properties are unique. Above all, eucalyptus fiber loves water. Therefore, it absorbs moisture much better than cotton and bamboo.

Innovative Tencel sheets dry 3 times faster than cotton. It enables superior skin hygiene and body coolness. Are eucalyptus sheets sustainable? Trees are a renewable energy source. They grow fast and easily in natural habitat. Additionally, production of eucalyptus fibers involves no harmful chemicals. Manufacturers use an organic solvent only.

Tencel fabric doesn’t fade after multiple washes. Firstly, it remains vibrant and stylish. Secondly, it is long-lasting, less prone to wrinkling than cotton. Thirdly, it doesn’t misshape but becomes smoother and cooler over time. On the other hand, these sheets do have a drawback. Due to their moisture-absorbing properties, they are prone to mildew development and odors absorbing.

Are Bamboo Sheets Cool?

Bamboo fabric is becoming very popular over the last years. This kind of textile is a favorite choice of hot sleepers. It would be difficult to find so breathable and soft sheets elsewhere. Originating from Asian countries, bamboo textile is strong and lightweight.

Chinese corporations produce it from pulp of bamboo grass. Woody bamboo plant is fast-growing and versatile. Manufacturers produce almost everything from it. The list includes paper, building materials and flooring. Best organic bamboo sheets are popular products. They are:

  • extremely durable;
  • soft to the touch;
  • moisture-absorbing;
  • environment-friendly;
  • resilient.

Bamboo fabric is closely woven; it has smooth texture and finishes. Its silk-like softness is incredible. Additionally, bamboo stands out by unique anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. Resisting to dust mites, modern bedding accessories don’t irritate your sensitive skin.

How do manufacturers turn bamboo pulp into fabric? The process involves using harmful chemicals. 100% organic bamboo sheets contain only chemical-free staples. They are healthy to sleep, resilient to bugs and bacteria. However, these bedding accessories are prone to wrinkling and shrinkage. They require gently washing in warm water, without softener.

What is the Softest Sheet Material?

There are very few natural fabrics that suit bedding applications. Traditional ones include silk, cotton, and linen. Linen is durable and hypoallergenic. Besides, it wicks moisture, keeping it away from your skin. But linen sheets’ surface feels thick, coarse. Additionally, they wrinkle easily, requiring warm ironing.

Silk provides a smooth, soft feel: it’s light and cooling on your skin. Silk sheets are breathable, antimicrobial. They meet the needs of people that suffer from allergy and skin issues. It might be your most comfortable sheets. But silk fabric is slippery. It doesn’t suit restless sleepers that toss and turn at night. These bedding accessories require regular and gentle care.

So, cotton is the most popular option. Cotton sheets are comfortable, long-lasting, and affordable. Nowadays, we’ve got two other great solutions. Eucalyptus and bamboo might become your best sheets for sweaty sleepers. Both of them are:

  • comfortable;
  • moisture-wicking;
  • breathable;
  • smooth;
  • temperature-regulating;
  • hypoallergenic.

Bamboo and eucalyptus materials are worth earning the title of very soft fabric. They are lightweight, cool to the touch. Some differences exist. Let’s provide insight into their benefits and drawbacks.

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General Conclusion

Are you fixing to buy a new bedding set this summer? These sheets are to be breathable, soft, and durable. Well-known silk, cotton and linen fabrics are great, but not flawless. Consider modern eucalyptus and bamboo materials. They grant you additional coolness and comfort. Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties would be useful. So, sleep well, relax and enjoy every moment of your hot summer.