can a weighted blanket be too heavy

As a young girl, I have not faced any serious diseases yet. So, I still would like to focus on quality and materials of bedding accessories. Now, when winter comes, comfort and perfect feeling at night are important. Can a weighted blanket be too heavy or too warm? Always consider your climate and your well-being. Meanwhile, a soothing feeling is beneficial at any age or at any time of the year.

Benefits of Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are often mentioned as efficient therapy tools. Is it true? I don’t believe they can remove mountains. At least, research conducted at Oxford Brookes University didn’t confirm their ability to help children sleep longer.

Meanwhile, if you are a healthy person, you might still experience anxiety or discomfort. Thus, best blankets for winter are efficient to cope with common problems, such as:

  • insomnia;
  • weight gain;
  • depression;
  • anxiety.

Do you find these problems topical? If you think you don’t need a weighted blanket, take a look at statistical data. As the National Sleep Foundation states, 30-40% of Americans experience insomnia each year. Quite naturally, it could affect your daytime functioning. It might cause productivity loss.  Being a student or a company employee, you might feel less focused or creative. If the reason is in your sleep environment, it should be improved.

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Do Weighted Blankets Really Help you Sleep?

Are you a hot sleeper? I am. Here, in Texas, hot and humid climate could be described as harsh weather conditions. In summer, due to high humidity levels and temperature in the 90s, your bedroom might be felt like a sauna. So, even your best cotton blanket would be put into cold storage till winter.

How to pick a weighted blanket? Quite naturally, feeling hot at night, you would prefer lightweight, breathable bedding accessories. Thin, top-quality sheets made of cotton or linen make you feel comfortable and relax.

What about winter? Living in Texas, I use blankets only in January and February. There are very few snowy days per year, so I like cool weather and enjoy it. If you come from a northern state, like Michigan or New Hampshire, you would need a warm comforter or blanket from October to April.

Numerous options available on the market include best types of blankets for winter that are made of:Can a Weighted Blanket be too Heavy?

  1. Wool.
  2. Fleece.
  3. Down.
  4. Polyester.
  5. Acrylic.

Do you think natural materials are always preferable? It’s not completely true. Wool or down blankets keep you warm even in a cold climate. However, their surface might be scratchy. Additionally, these materials are not recommended to the people that suffer from allergies. Synthetic fabrics like polyester or fleece are hypoallergenic. They are lightweight, affordable, and easy to maintain. However, should a blanket be lightweight?

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How Much Does a Normal Blanket Weigh?

Of course, you know that noise, light, temperature, and humidity can affect sleep. In addition to everything, bedding also affects the duration and quality of your sleep. Your bedroom environment is to be clean, uncluttered, relaxing your mind. Absence of dust lets you breathe easier at night and feel more alert in daytime.

Feeling of security is always beneficial. A top-quality gravity blanket can ensure it. This perfect accessory has calming effect, giving you a sensation of comfort and instant relaxation. It’s felt like somebody hugs and embraces you.

So, what does a weighted blanket weight chart recommends? A common rule advises you to calculate 10% of your body weight. At first sight, it seems to be pretty simple.

Weighted Blanket Weight Guidelines

Your Body Weight, lbs.Blanket Weight, lbs.
100-120 10-12
140-160 14-16
180-200 18-20

Meanwhile, it’s generally recommended to add 1-2 pounds to the blanket weight. Kids’ accessories are commonly available as standard options, such as 5, 8 10 lbs. If your child weighs 60 pounds, you would need to buy an 8-lbs blanket. Adults might be offered 15, 20, 25-lbs sizes. Fortunately, selection of colors is more diverse. So, add some extra pounds to get additional pressure or buy something lighter. It depends on your personal preferences.

Can a Weighted Blanket be too Heavy for Child?

Quite naturally, babies and toddlers should not use these popular accessories. Parents are commonly not recommended to put their babies to sleep on soft surfaces, such as:best-weighted-blanket-for-kids

  • sofas;
  • quilts;
  • chairs;
  • blankets;
  • waterbeds;
  • pillows.

Babies should be placed on their backs, both to sleep and for naps. Soft objects like toys or pillows are to be kept out of the crib or cradle.

Meanwhile, if your child is older than 3 and weighs more than 30 pounds, a small-size gravity blanket might be recommended. Just avoid selecting too heavy options, especially for young kids. There is no point to buy these accessories with room to grow.

Your child should not feel trapped under the blanket. Additionally, don’t put it on your son’s or daughter’s head and face. Overall, if your child is under eight years of age, use a gravity blanket, only if the accessory was.

Are Weighted Blankets Safe for Adults?

According to research conducted by scientists from the University of Massachusetts, use of a warm accessory of this kind is safe. A 30-lbs item was studied. Pulse and blood pressure of 32 persons was measured. In many cases, these activities lowered after use. Most people acknowledged calming effect of the weighted blanket.

30 lbs size seems to be too heavy as an individual bedding accessory. Being a slim person with a regular body type, you would need a more lightweight blanket. However, maximum accessory weight is usually mentioned as it still can be shared between a couple.

So, this piece of soft, warm cloth is designed to fit your mattress or bed. It’s offered in standard sizes, such as:

  1. Twin.
  2. Queen.
  3. King.

Small and throw individual sizes are offered both for kids and adults. Despite the complex design and the presence of fillers, there is ease of care. Weighted blankets can usually be washed in the washing machine. A commercial washing machine of high capacity might be necessary to keep them clean. Meanwhile, removable duvet covers are lightweight and easy-to-wash.

Final Impression and Additional Recommendations

So, is a 15-pound weighted blanket too heavy? This size is one of the most popular. However, if you are a slim person of short stature, you might feel a bit uncomfortable. The accessory might be too lightweight or too hot for you. Therefore, a test run is advisable. You have 14-30 days to exchange it.

Commonly, it takes 2-7 days to get used to your new weighted blanket. At first, it might be felt not completely comfortable. Your sleeping habits would be changed and improved. However, in several days, you enjoy it, feeling relaxed at night, energized and refreshed in the morning.